• Anonymous

    I went to see Wanda Sykes at the Howard Theater this weekend. She was amazing as expected but the Howard blew me away. I could not believe something that nice was in our hood and that they took that about-to-fall-in building and made something that nice out of it. I felt like I was in Vegas, but then I was brought back to DC when people were sneaking up in the Balcony every 5 minutes asking “yo can I slide in there with you man? You got room for two more?” ……….. Here is a tip, if you want reserved box seats BUY reserved box seats. No less than 6 people eased up on me and my date trying to hang out at our balcony box. When I told them to bounce they all just sat on the balcony stairs and the waiters had to weave around them to wait on the paying customers. The Howard is nice but management is going to need to step up there game to keep it from sliding ghetto real soon. If it is starting with this small thing on opening weekend, by the summer the first shooting or stabbing will have happened. One of the “stair sitters” was holding a baby less than a year old. Really? How did you afford $200 at the cheapest for two tickets for you and your lady but you can’t afford a baby sitter? I’m just sayin……

    Outside of that, the Howard is an amazing place with a lot of potential.

    • Anonymous

      -5 points for using the wrong word (there – their) but +2 for finding it before some other POP Snarker : )

      Starting off the day with a – 2 wording deficit

      • Anonymous

        hummm now -4 points for not being able to subtract 2 from 5. I guess I am better at bitching than adding or spelling hehehehehehehe

        • PeachyKeen

          +5 for self awareness.
          What’s the tally now?

          • Anonymous

            FOUR!!!!!!!! He shoots he scores! (although I admit it took 2 cups of coffee, a pad an a pen, but I still got it!) : )

          • Kam

            Umm…methinks you might want to try again.

            -5 + 2 = -3
            -3 + -4 = -7
            -7 = 5 = -2

            I’m just sayin…

    • AG

      Wouldn’t “stair-sitting” be a fire hazard? Management should’ve told them to sit in the seat for which they paid, and if they didn’t comply, kicked them out. It’s a theater for goodness sake.

    • Rave: I also enjoyed Wanda Sykes at the Howard on Saturday night.

      Rant: dinner at the Howard Theatre. Tiny portions of mediocre-to-poor food at fancy DC restaurant prices. Maybe this is a kink they’re still working out. However, experience suggests most dinner theaters are not known for their food.

      • Anonymous

        I know right??? I guess it was opening weekend jitters. All of the Management and staff were very friendly but a bit confused. The front door guys were trying to tell me that all seats were first come first serve no such thing as private boxed balcony seats, even when showing him the ticket listing such. How can you work the front door as an usher and not know that? I did not see anybody ask the stair sitters to move, waiters were weaving around them with trays of drinks, it was crazy. It has the potential to be really good or really bad. Let’s think positive! : )

        • Totally agree the staff were really friendly and had an almost impossible task. We got there around 6:30 for the 8 p.m. show and had a decent table on the main floor, but it can’t be easy weaving through all the people with plates of food and drink. Kudos to them.

  • anonnnnn

    rant: weekends are always too short.

    rant: not looking forward to the high heat. only thing worse than wearing uncomfortable work clothes and shoes every day is wearing them in high heat. can’t stand dc summers.

    rave: no boss today!

  • ew

    Rant: Applied for a new apartment this weekend. My costs are about to go up significantly. It’s a lot nicer though…?

    Rave: Getting away from my awful awful roommates, who have now started stinking up my house with weed, a month earlier than expected.

    Rant/Rave: Mulling over taking a second job for some extra cash to pay for said apartment, and the one I’m thinking of could be pretty good.

  • Rant: Had a phone interview scheduled for this morning with the founder of the firm I applied to. The HR person forgot to confirm it with him so I sat around waiting for the call that never came. It’s now been moved to Thursday.

    Rant: Planned a joint birthday picnic with my old roomie yesterday. None of my friends showed. Not one. Granted, a bunch of people were out of town so it’s not like they purposely blew me off but it still sucks.

    Rave: I’m wearing a cute dress and heels today. Makes everything better.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Partner’s new job. Significant raise and almost no health premium (compared to paying over $200/mo at his last gig) means lots of extra money in our pockets.

    Rave: New prospects for me too!

  • BrooklandBiker

    rave:Took my two year old for a bike ride yesterday down the MBT bike trail. Lots of people out enjoying the trial and the weather. Took a look at the contruction on the mall and it was a beautiful day.

    rant: the metro police should be ashamed of themselves for claiming they police this bike path. On my ride down to the mall, a group of older black teens told me if I think what happed to Trayvon Martin, I am not gonna want to know what gonna happen to me. On my ride home I was followed this time by younger black teen around 13 asking me how much my bike was, what kind of phone do i have, blah blah. he then sped ahead and reported a group of older teens sitting on a park bench. I watched him follow about 3 other groups of people before calling 911. The 911 dispatcher seemed to take my call as a simple complaint.

    Keep in Mind my two year old in a bike seat infront of me. These kids have no respect and are a thorn in the side of everyone in this city. I especially feel bad for the respectful, hardworking, aftrican american teen boys, that get lumped into this group of punks.

    I will contintue to ride the bike path and won’t be so nice when i’m by myself. OK…. done

    • BrooklandBiker

      appoligize for the terrible grammar, lost in my rant

    • Anonymous

      Try the Northwest Branch and Sligo Creek trails. Despite some gang tags, they’re pretty safe. I’ve never had any problems riding them.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps you should not take your kid on that trail anymore. Seems very dangerous.

      • BrooklandBiker

        unfortunately, my two year old may have been the very reason I didn’t get jumped. Or at leat I hope these kids have that little decenty in them.

        I ride this trail everyday to work. The more traffic the better, no matter if there is police presence or not

        • j

          Move out of Brookland. It’s not going to get any better.

      • anonymous

        I second the comment about not taking your two year-old on a trail that has had a lot of problems. Please don’t let your naivete allow for your kid to be hurt. If you want to take your chances, that’s fine. But the minute you start to bring another person into the equation… well, you should think that choice over again. It is a dangerous way to make a statement.

        • BrooklandBiker

          this is exactly this city’s problem. Most of the new ihabitants have no backbone.

          I would never put my child in harms way. Go to the trail, there are plenty of people pushing strolers, taking walks, riding bikes with children. Your other options are the street, and then your really putting your child in danger.

          I like the way, I get questioned for bringing my child, who is my responsibility that I can protect, as the focus of my original post. Not the parents of the teens who are sitting on the trail, or the inability of the police to keep it’s citizens safe.

          I was not making a statement by taking a ride with my son. hahah that comment comes from the exact people I’m talking about. This is were I live, were I was giving an opportunity to work after college, were I can provide for my family. I didn’t move here because I love the hipster scene, or to be a gentrifier, or because the housing was affordable (ha), and many other fake reasons. I have been here over ten years, and I love DC, damned if I’ll let a small percentage of youth change that.

          Rant 2.. done

          • anonymous

            Well, friend, I’m not close to being a new inhabitant in this city of ours. But I am someone with a pretty good dose of wariness when it comes to street crime. As you acknowledge, DC has a serious problem with some of its younger citizens being out of control, and meanwhile 911 (apparently) barely bats an eye when you call them. If that is the environment right now (and it is), it is not one into which I would take my child willingly. Heck, I don’t even have kids, but I wouldn’t want to bring my dog near these people!

          • Anonymous

            Good on you! You have the right attitude and your child will be better for it.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, this is why the rhetoric behind the Trayvon Martin thing is so dangerous – especially when we really don’t know what happened. This incident evokes so many feelings on my part that I can’t properly express. Unfortunately there are those that will continue to stoke the flames for their own personal glory and benefit. Let’s just hope cooler heads prevail and that this incident can be a learning lesson, rather than a call for racial disharmony.

      • Anonymous

        You think that’s bad, wait until Zimmerman is acquited and our cities go up in flames again. I’m not going to work the day the verdict is announced.

        • Anonymous

          In this day and age, I don’t think we need to worry about something like that happening again in DC, since 9-11. The National Guard will be out there in the blink of an eye, unafraid to use any means necessary to subdue any sort of mass violence.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not so sure. They can’t be everywhere.

          • Anonymous

            Any means necessary? Really, now?

          • Anonymous

            What, do you think that everybody is just going to stand back and let people burn down the city and turn back the clock 43 years?

        • Anonymous

          I thougt about that. Zimmerman may just have to take one for the team here. Of course he could be totally guilty. I just don’t know either way. I was not there nor was anybody else that has been calling for vengence. And with only two witnesses (one dead, one alive) I think a conviction will be difficult in any event. Skipping work is one thing but some of lus ike the OP that live and raise families in the city won’t have that option.

          • Anonymous

            Buy a gun. If you start the registration process today you MIGHT have it by the time the trial starts.

  • Anon3

    Rave: Watching a grown man play draw something on metro during this morning’s commute.
    Rant: 90 degrees outside means the AC is working to keep it what-feels-like 50 degrees inside.
    Rave: Billy’s is open! Looking forward to future PoP posts about the first night. :)

  • Britt

    Rave: So incredibly happy to be home and enjoy my family, my home, my neighborhood.
    Rant: So much work to do to catch-up!
    Rant: Husband leaves for a business trip on Wednesday.
    Rave: Bike ride to work this morning and heading out to the barn tonight!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: 2 weeks until we are out of our awful apartment. Cannot come fast enough at this point. Wish I could warn people looking at our apartment of all the pitfalls we wish we knew about before we moved in there!

    Rave: Awesome new apartment waiting for us! Helloooo pool!

    • Britt

      Congrats on the new place and good luck with the move!
      I always wondered about the ethical implications of “warning” the next tenants or buyers. Should we tell or not?!
      We were renting an apartment as the owner was trying to sell and they had an inspection and everything but it didn’t catch all the issues we knew we had! (Like a poorly performing dryer and windows that were painted shut). We ended up letting them know later on in the process…

    • Is your apartment in a large apartment complex or professionally managed building? You could write a review for it on yelp.com or apartmentratings.com I was obsessed with looking up for reviews for apartment buildings on those sites when I moved to DC, it is really helpful resource for people who are new to the area or people trying to find housing who don’t live here and can’t visit apartments.

      • anonnnnn

        this is a good idea. or you can post it on landorslum dot com. although i don’t think DC is big on that site.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not professionally managed or owned unfortunately. It’s a great price and a large apartment (which attracted us) but there are a LOT of pitfalls that most normal people wouldn’t want to put up with. Sadly, there’s not really a way to let someone know that beforehand. We learned a lot from the experience, but it was a really trying year.

        • SB

          You could always try the method I once experienced – big dry erase board in the living room. That was a super awkward situation though, the land lord had obviously not taken care of things and they current residents had marked everything down with how long it had a taken to get fixed. Can’t tell you how awkward it was walking through the apartment with the landlord while the residents were there with just that white board up! Needless to say, we didn’t take the apartment despite how cheap it was.

  • Kvatch

    Rant: DC really has it out for me. First our property was declared vacant, and I had to fix that. Now I’m fighting our assessment.

    Every single house on our block has seen their assessment drop year-over-year including two that are in much better condition, with more square footage and better amenities, than ours. But did our’s go down? Nope! Up 2.5% this year on top of a 3% increase the year before.

    I’ve appealed but heard nothing. [grrrrr]

  • Anonymous

    rant: the amount of dog poop I have to dodge on my walk to work every day.

  • Anonymous

    RAVE: Spent an amazing weekend home in Atlanta. It was so great.
    RAVE 2: Kind of felt like a jet-setter flying out on Friday and back on Sunday morning.

  • Anonymous

    rave: no matter what heavy crap is going on in my life, being married to a supportive, patient, generous person makes everything okay. I don’t understand how I can be so lucky.

  • xyz

    rant: my job sucks…the thought of being here in six months is horrifically depressing. i have applied for what seems like a million jobs and haven’t gotten a single call. and the job drama is spilling over into my non-work life – i am so frustrated and down all the time and while my bf is understanding and supportive, it’s so not fair to him. i know there’s no quick fix and i just have to keep putting my resume out there and talking to everyone i know. i hope change comes soon!

  • Laura

    Rant: Trying to move into the district and finding it extremely hard to get a place that is in our price range and allows pets. So many places won’t allow cats! Our searches started in a specific area and now have had to expand to practically the whole city! Good thing we have 2 months until we have to be out of our current place…

    Rave: Gorgeous morning for a bike ride into work. Though it will be pretty warm this afternoon…

    • Anonymous

      I’ll echo this one. I hate DC landlords. It’s either that, or a $200 per month increase in the rent. It’s a freaking cat. It’s not going to decrease your property value, or bother other tenants.

      • Anonymous

        As a landlord myself , I can’t blame them raising the rent for folks with cats or dogs. I don’t think its an issue of property value, but simply one of potential damage to the apartment (urine stains, scratches, etc).

        • Anonymous

          I am with you on this one. We are about to put our place up for rent and don’t want cats or dogs. Our place has a lot of wood features, posts, columns, floors, that have the potential to be seriously damaged by either of them. I don’t blame the landlords at all for this.

          • +1. I have also heard that people with pet allergies won’t stay somewhere if they have allowed pets in the past.

        • anonymous

          Ok, this is what I don’t get. Why would apartments be so careful to screen out pet owners because of damage, but not think twice about renting to smokers? At least with pet owners, you have a chance of getting a good one like myself, whose animals are well-behaved and under control. I will be leaving my apartment in even better shape than what they originally gave to me. With smokers, you are guaranteed a more expensive cleanup, and yet they don’t pay a premium (at least none that I’ve heard of at this point). Indeed, smokers’ condos sell lower, and their apartments are significantly more expensive for management companies/landlords to clean. What gives?

      • Anonymous

        I love cats, but ours did scratch up our linoleum and hardwood floors. Plus, you should probably know that most places don’t allow or charge for pets in rentals. It’s part of what you have to deal with as a pet owner.

      • Anonymous

        Something to keep in mind. I am putting my house up for rent soon which equals the sum total of my life’s savings. I am not a land barron, just a guy that wants to decrease my potential of having my investment diminished by what cats and dogs frequently do – eat, scratch, chew, piss and poop. I don’t think it is unreasonable to want a premium for accepting the risk that those things might happen if I rent to a pet owner.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what a security deposit is for! If my cat ruins the floors, keep it!

          • Anonymous

            I think you are discounting the fact that making repairs is a tremendous pain in the a**, often done improperly and if trying to restore something back to its original condition, in this case original wood features, terribly ineffective. I’d much rather just screen out potential problems or make it worth my while to rent to someone that might cause them. It isn’t as easy as I have a security deposit so screw it if you trash the place.

    • what

      I have a cat and didn’t really have much trouble finding a cat-friendly place. I used rent.com and craigslist both times I’ve moved around the district. I believe each one has a feature you can click that will only bring up apartments that allow cats. My current apartment didn’t charge any extra for the cat and the supervisor even cat-sits for me.

      • Where do you rent now?

        • what

          3333 Wisconsin (corner of Wisconsin & Newark, near National Cathedral). The only bad thing is the buildings directly across the street from the apt building are about to be demolished. It’ll be a 2 year project. Ugh

  • Honey Badger

    Rave: Got engaged over the weekend!
    Query: Has anyone done non-religious pre-marital counseling in the DC area and can recommend where they did it?

    • Congrats!!

    • em


      We’ve done our pre-marital counseling with a rabbi, so no help there…

    • Brent


      My wife and I talked with Gabriella Liberich (301-652-4782) for premarital counseling. I was impressed by how helpful it really was, as I was coming from the ‘why would we need counseling?’ point of view.

      • Brent

        Shoudl say that this was 3 1/2 years ago, and still going strong, so whatever she said worked

        • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m coming at it from a preventative maintenance standpoint. I’ve spoken to many couples that have done it (some because their church required it, some not) and they’ve all found it beneficial.

    • Anon1980

      You might contact Eileen Dombo. I found her to be a very reasonable person when we went for famiily counseling after a break-in/rape. She was pregnant at the time so I’m not sure she is still practicing.
      I’m not big on the counseling thing but if I were I would go back to her.
      She seemed very smart and caring if that matters to you.

  • neednewhob

    Rant: I broke up with my boyfriend and it was super painful. Now I just want time to fast forward six months so I can be in a better place. Although I will miss our daily calls, our laughs, everything. I feel so hollow. :(

    Rave: Amazing friends and family who care. Thank you for the support.

    Rave: Warm weather. Skirts.

    • Anonymous

      sorry to hear about that. hope you feel better soon.

      but hey, it is the best time of year to have a rebound fling(s).

    • ew

      Aw, I’m sorry. That’s rough. Props to you for knowing you’ll be in a better place emotionally soon.

    • I’m right there with you — boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. It’s great to hear that your friends and family are being supportive. I found it helpful to let myself be sad when I needed to be, and not be ashamed to ask for help or companionship. Making lots of plans and filling up my calendar helped a lot, too.

      Good luck!

    • qst

      It’s never easy to get past the changes in daily life after a break-up, but I hope it’s a short-term rant, long-term rave for you.

  • Rave: Nice weather
    Rave: Sold and shipped another photo, had a good photo weekend, with parades, drum circle.
    Rant: Tomorrow, while all the cameras in the city will be pointing to the skies to take pictures of the Discovery, I will be sitting in some court for Jury Duty :( .

    • btw: Shipping the framed photo through USPS= $8 – through the other carriers= $40 + package (even though it was packed already). I don’t understand!

  • C3PO

    Rant: anyone over the age of 20 who uses the word “haters.” Not only do you sound like a foolish adult using teenage slang, but the random application of it to anyone who offers criticism implies that you aren’t able to offer an intelligent rebuttal.

    • Anonymous

      Haters gonna hate, players gonna play. Only you can decide which one you want to be.

    • NeNe

      What else do you expect living in Haterville?

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Does anyone know a good DC contractor with the ability to do a 203k renovation?

    • A-Non

      We are currently working with Frank Nicol of FEN Enterprise on our 203(k) rehab and he has been fantastic (so far). He knows the 203(k) process very well and can therefore complete the insane amount of paperwork quickly and in proper format. The work he has done to date has been terrific. Our fingers are crossed that this continues through the end.

      • Anonymous

        Looks good! Thanks!

    • Nikki

      Try Keil Construction. I haven’t dealt with them personally but I attended the Capitol Hill Renovators Tour last year and they were involved in several of those projects…I know that at least one of them was using the 203K program.

  • sb


    a) my bridal shower was saturday and it was great! My June wedding is starting to feel really soon….

    b) the lovely weather and the fact that my office isn’t sweltering like it was last year when it got this hot

    c) coworkers bringing in yummy baked goods

    between a) and c), struggling to eat healthy. I keep losing and gaining the same couple pounds.

  • em

    Revel: Best friend and parents were in town this weekend

    Revel: Awesome bridal shower this weekend, planned by very caring friends and family and attended by lots more people we love

    Revel: Awesome bachelorette party brunch at Perry’s drag brunch

    Revel: Beautiful sunset walk along SW waterfront last night

    Revel: Left-overs from the bridal shower for lunch today

    Rant: Co-worker resigned on Friday and is leaving at the end of May – leaving an already understaffed office in even greater need of staffing help

    Revel: Private dance lesson with my honey tonight

  • On the Hill

    Rave! The PoPville Bocce Tournament this weekend! We were knocked out in the first round, but had a great time on the roof watching the rest of the games.

    Rant: Spray sunscreen. I have splotchy sunburned arms.

    Rave! Husband travels for work every spring, usually mid-April to mid-June, but this year doesn’t have to go til mid-May! Huzzah! Hill Husband in the spring!

    Ravy-rant? Ranty-rave? Back on my high end of size, but ready to do something about it.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Stoked for Bad Brains at the Howard Theater this Friday!! Always a treat to see them play live, and hearing an epic hard core DC punk band in the same room that Duke Ellington and Etta James played in really wows me beyond words… Legendary!!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Got a call today from an investigator saying she needs to interview me for my background investigation. I got my clearance over a week ago and I’m working for the federal government. Don’t understand why I need this interview.

    Rave: At least it’s not a polygraph.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend full of good food, hiking, and my middle child’s return from a 5-day school trip.

    Rant: Am chairing a day-long meeting tomorrow. I always get really nervous before these meetings.

    Rave: Based on the documents submitted by those who will be at the meeting, it should go well.

    Rave: HOT WEATHER!

  • Rave: An old friend I’ve known almost my entire life was in town this weekend–its amazing how we’re still the same people, just grown up.

    Rant: Same old arguments with the Boyfriend. We just keep going in circles.

    Rave: Last night was a beautiful night to sit outside at the Black Squirrel, sample different beers, and enjoy the company of friends.

    Rant: My life seems like one big *sigh*…….

    Question: Where can I find a decent selection of work appropriate skirts and dresses??

    • Re: Clothes – It all depends on what your office environment is like and what you’re looking to spend.

    • saf

      Clothes – if you have a car, there is a really good Talbot’s outlet in Springfield.

  • what

    Rave: Mashed potatoes and gravy
    Rant: Metro car was not air conditioned.

    Rave: Many of you will disagree, but I love when the food trucks come to Franklin Park. It just kind of feels festive.
    Rant: No mashed potato and gravy food trucks

  • Anonymous

    Got any idea what time the Emancipation day fireworks start tonight?

    • em

      I had no idea that DC had fireworks for Emancipation Day

    • em

      WaPo says “A fireworks display will also close 12th Street between E Street and Constitution Avenue from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.”

  • tg

    Rave: Two month work crisis is finally settling down.
    Rant: Got yelled at on my ride in today because I stopped at a stop sign. A pedestrian in the crosswalk accused me of stopping only because she was in the crosswalk.

    • anonymous

      Laughing about your rant. No good deed (or just doing the right thing) goes unpunished.

  • LockedOut

    RANT: The federal job application process just gets harder and harder. There is a certain class of applicants who get extra points on their application. Who they are is not my point here, and honestly, I am in favor giving them extra support. However, the last several jobs I have applied for have all responded to me that, although my application was rated ‘highly qualified’, they are not pursuing any applicants outside of that certain class of people, no matter what my rating is. So – they are effectively saying that no one else need bother to apply. Jon-hunting is always hard, but this makes it impossible and frustrating.

    • This may not make you feel any better, but the individuals you mention are also highly qualified… Under the new hiring procedure, everyone who applies is evaluated and placed into 3 categories: highly qualified, qualified, and not great (not sure what they actually call category 3). Hiring managers get to see the highly qualified list. If there are veterans on the highly qualified list, they go to the top and must be interviewed first. So yes, you are getting shut out, but by people who are just as (or more) qualified. As you say, they deserve a shot at federal employment due to the sacrifices they’ve made. Just keep trying, and network as much as you can. The right opportunity is out there for you!

      • Anon

        Networking etc won’t make any difference since the hiring managers aren’t seeing any but the veterans’ applications. The gov’t might as well create a new category of who can apply: “Veterans Only” – at least that would make the reality clear. There’s no point in a civilian even trying, and that tilts things into ‘unfair’ territory.

  • Young Wino

    Rave – I am in a very happy, stable and wonderful relationship with my boyfriend.

    Rave – I am in a much better place in life.

    Rant – I am still not where I need or want to be.

    Rant – I have been unemployed and/or underemployed since July 2010.

    Rave/Rant – I work part time at two wine shops and get to sample wine. I also have a decent discount for purchasing.


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