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  • Any idea what those trees are? They are blooming in my ‘hood as well. Look similar to cherry tree blossoms but are way too deep of a pink.

    • saf

      They look like redbuds to me.

    • These actually are Yoshino Cherry trees. They just bloom earlier here because they are in a significantly warmer micro-climate being surrounded by asphalt / sidewalks. Redbud flowers are held much tighter to the bark.

  • Good morning on this cold and windy 5th of March 2012.

    This is Cercis Canadensis more commonly known as Eastern Redbud.

    Not to diminish the great upcoming centennial of our city’s Cherries (Prunus Yoshino) and the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s 100th anniversary,

    but truth be told,

    the perennial full splendor of color and nature, the gift of 3,000 trees from the Empire of Japan brought by ship from the other side of the world to our shores (not once, but twice as the first shipment didn’t survive) by American plant explorer Dr. David Fairchild is often called our harbinger of Spring.

    The Cercis, are our true harbinger of Springtime here, as it has been for time immemorial.

  • Not Yoshino cherry trees, not redbuds (Cercis canadensis) either. Yoshino cherries are the kind around the tidal basin – they are almost white. Redbuds are more of a magenta color and aren’t blooming yet. My guess is this is an Okame cherry – they bloom earlier than the Yoshinos.

  • I love that we have three definitive and different answers. PoP, time to consult an arborist.

    • I know nothing about trees, but I did a Google image search of all three and I think I’d have to concur with PetworthRes.

  • look like plum blossoms ha, ume desho

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