Police Investigating an Assault Outside Tivoli at 14th and Park Rd, NW Around 1:30pm Sat. Afternoon

A bunch of folks following @PoPville on twitter were asking about a police presence at 14th and Park Rd, NW. I asked MPD on the scene what was going on and they said there was an assault with an investigation ongoing. Twitter follower @mlxa shares more details:

“Someone got beat up w/a crowbar is what we’ve heard. We saw a man (unconscious?) being tended to by medics ~1:30. Lots of blood.”

I’ll post the official word from MPD when it is released.

UPDATE: MPD Confirms an arrest was made and the victim has died from his injuries.

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  • walked by the scene around 1:30 this afternoon. hispanic gentleman was sitting on the ground, bleeding from the head, conscious. lots of blood. mpd was already on the scene. walked by around 2 and there was a man in the back of a cruiser – subject?

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    wow, unbelievable considering how crowded this area is…

  • I walked by just as it happened, and I have to say the most upsetting thing about the whole incident was the fact that no one tried to stop it, or even acted like it was a big deal. It was a violent, bloody assault and everybody just walked by. I couldn’t understand it. I just hope the victim is ok.

  • Mt.P Resident, what did you do to stop it???

  • Jesus. I was there at noon, and again at 2:30. With my small child. As were many parents, I expect, given that the dance studio across the street is crawling with little kids on Saturdays.

    If folks want to throw down, I really wish they would confine it to the traditional midnight-3am period.

  • lady at the giant checkout tonight said the guy used a barbell (not a crowbar), made it sound like the victim had been killed. glad to hear that likely isn’t the case. horrible stuff regardless.

    • Sorry – as terrible as this all is, this made me laugh! A BARBELL!

      • Clarisse, i saw this go down and now it’s stuck in my mind, the guy likely died, get fucked

      • wtf…. how is the weapon being a barbell funny in the least? A weighted piece of metal was used to bash someone’s brains in … hysterical! … no.

        • Ease off on Clarisse people. We still really have NO IDEA idea what actually happened. But the the idea of someone carrying a barbell around for whatever reason – likely a personal vendetta – whatever – is weirdly absurdis – and yeah, kind of funny. Diid you all raise an outcry over “Kill Bill?” or “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown?”

          I for one am quite content to have barbell smashing personal murders in the neighborhood rather than bullet-spraying slaying of innocents. Mourning the random brain-bash is insincere at best, cheap pathos – or worst – the werid – “ooh, I was walking right by there an hour before. . . ” nonsense.

          • Thanks Victoria, at least you get why it made me chuckle, not what actually happened. JEEZ! I think the rest of you have some serious personal issues to work through if you thought that the image of somebody walking around the neighborhood swinging a BARBELL is not absurdly amusing. I doubt it’s even possible.

          • You two do realize that unlike “Kill Bill” someone actually had his head smashed. I understand that just the image of a guy walking around with a barbell is amusing, but once a real person is badly hurt it changes absurdity to just plain disturbing rather quickly.

          • I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use the word content in a sentence like that before.

          • WTF is wrong with you?

          • I wish people would keep their awful, destructive comments to themselves. Clarisse, you should be ashamed of yourself for laughing at and mocking shit like this.

            I had a good friend of mine, a senior citizen, who was beat up/assaulted last year, and it hurts me so much to read posts like this and hear about this kind of violence. Terrible event. I sure hope the guy is ok.

          • Kalorini

            Other commenters have said MUCH MORE OFFENSIVE things than Claire just said without getting this type of third degree. Lay off, people. I wouldn’t have written it, but I get what you’re saying, Claire. Don’t let the weekend internet trollers get you down for some poor wordsmithing.

          • Kalorini

            Sorry, Claire = Clarisse

          • “weirdly absurdist”?

            no, it’s not. a barbell without weights on it is just a metal rod. that’s about as “weirdly absurdist” as…walking around carrying a metal rod. wtf? i don’t think you even understand what absurdist comedy is. now, if someone was carrying around a weight bench, *that* would be weirdly absurd, but a barbell? maybe you don’t lift weights? without the weights loaded on, those bars weigh like ten pounds, tops. it’s no more absurd than walking around with an actual crowbar. shrug.

  • Bystander Effect. Read about it and be different.

  • Was not going to comment until idiot Clarisse decided that someone’s head being split open with a large metal object by a man who is a regular in our neighborhood was amusing.

    I saw the entire incident, and, for the record, plenty of people tried to stop it, both by charging at the man and running to grab police. I suggest if anything amuses you, consider it a blessing you didn’t have to see someone bleed to death on the sidewalk or worse, be amused it wasn’t you who was senselessly beaten.

    • can you say a bit more since you witnessed it? there’s not much information out on it. you say the assault was by a regular in the neighborhood? was it unprovoked? this is really sad.

    • KBO – I strongly suggest you go get some counseling. You are obviously so traumatized by what you saw that you can’t even read properly.

      • Clarisse, I am afraid it is you who needs counseling. A man had his head smashed in and you think it is amusing because…the attacker used a blunt metal rod.

      • Agree with other posters, there is nothing funny about what happened.

      • Clarisse, please stop commenting until you can say something compassionate or constructive. Sincerely, -People who have hearts.

      • back off Clarisse you bullies. she was obviously joking about the absurdity of someone using a barbell as a weapon not saying it was funny that someone got injured. good lord.

        • It’s not absurd.

          A clown beating someone to death with a sack of american girl dolls is weirdly absurdist.

          hitting someone with a metal rod is…hitting someone with a metal rod.

          who taught you people about absurdist comedy?

          and smh at you protecting someone who doesn’t understand “absurdity” from “bullies” instead of mourning the death of someone who got hit with a metal rod, like a decent person would.

  • Clarisse – you sound like a fool and I’m not sure you know what a barbell is.

    • +1.

      Hope he is okay. You have a terrible sense of humor if you think that a guy walking around with a barbell is “absurdly amusing.” Weird yes, absurdly amusing no. Once it turns into violence and potential maiming, it is just disgusting.

    • Yea I seriously think Clarisse thinks a barbell is a bell that sits atop a bar… that’s the ONLY thing that makes sense to me as I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out how she finds it the least bit amusing that a barbell was used as a weapon…

  • They were probably fighting over the last loaf of fougasse from Caprice.

    • I would lose my mind over the Brioche, Frangiapane Brioche and turkey bacon quiche.

    • We were there actually just about at that time (never witnessed the incident), and alas they had no bread. So this is quite possible.

  • There’s always a guy selling random items in front of his van right there. I’ve seen him working out with a barbell several times. I’m not saying it was definitely him, but it sure sounds like it. People don’t typically just walk around with barbells.

    • I saw it go down as well, and yes it was the guy that sells stuff out of his van that had the barbell that did it. The vendor was screaming that the Hispanic gentleman had pulled a switchblade on him and was trying to rob him. There was absolutely NOTHING funny, amusing, or whimsical about watching one man weild a 5 foot 45 pound metal bar in a horrific stabbing motion on another man already on his back and bloody.

      • I knew it — this guy (vendor) is crazy — he sells crap without a permit and is an absolute menace with his boom box and work out sessions … he is one dangerous dude and that needs to be seriously arrested and barred from ever coming back to that area… absolutely ridiculous!!

        • really? this is your idea of crazy, dangerous, and menacing? i always thought he was a nice addition to the block, and it was a good day when the music was on.

          • I say if the guy pulled a knife on him and he beat the crap out of him with a crowbar or whatever, good for him. Have you noticed all the robberies in the last month? I wish people would start knocking these idiots out. But unfortunately that isn’t the best way to handle these situations because you are liable to get shot.

          • I thought he was a nice guy too… until her MURDERED SOMEONE. Obviously I was wrong.

      • Barbell guy was stabbed a year or two ago. Perhaps it was some sort of PTSD?

        He’s harmless and plays Curtis Mayfield (which cancels out R Kelly).

  • A group of us were there around that time and saw something (not sure if it was related). We were walking out of Giant when the guy who sells things out of his van on the curb (he’s there everyday, sometimes with a generator to crank MJ tunes) came running down the sidewalk after a Hispanic guy, wielding a small plastic toy samari sword and yelling: “You pulled a blade on me? I’ll cut your goddamn head off”. Everyone on the sidewalk kind of froze and didn’t know what to make of what was going on but after the guy wacked the plaid-shirted Hispanic guy on the sleeve a couple times and backed him into the entryway to Giant, he seemed to back off and the situation was diffused. This was right around 1:30. It was strange but didn’t seem like a dangerous situation. No idea if there’s any connection.
    I await my heated responses…

    • I’m sure this was connected, it must have escalated after you left. The worst part is that someone was murdered for carrying a “plastic toy samari sword” … I can understand defending yourself against a burgurlar but this is taking it to an extreme.

  • I’m truly sorry if someone got hurt for no good reason. But whether or not this had happened, and whether or not he was involved, I would be truly glad if that vendor was no longer there. Lately he’s been running a generator AND playing his music loud.

  • So, no official word?

  • Can’t find anything on the WaPo website, which means the guy is probably still alive. No guarantee because the WaPo local coverage tends to be pretty crappy.

    Would somebody really try to rob this guy at knife point, in the middle of the day, in such a busy area? I’ll wait for more credible information before judging that this guy “deserved” what he got.

  • Wasn’t the perpetrator a victim of a stabbing himself about 2 years ago? PoP definitely reported it but I can’t find the post. If it’s the same man, he used to sell his goods next to the liquor store that has now closed (14th between Park & Monroe) and was stabbed multiple times, also during broad daylight. Wow.

  • The vendor who works out of his van is name Jeffrey/Geoffrey (sp?) and has always treated me with incredible kindness and respect. He has (on multiple occasions) gone out of his way to protect me and other residents of the neighborhood from would-be assailants. He was indeed the victim of a stabbing a year or two ago which is one of the reasons he moved in front of Giant. I’m hopeful that the character assassinations and speculation can stop until the MPD releases official information.

    • Sorry, Murphy, but several people, including myself, literally saw him kill someone. I have also seen him get very violent in the past, to the point where I assumed the man I had seen him beat was also dead. Both in daylight, on major thoroughfares.

      As someone who’s walked by him almost daily for years (in both locations), yes, it’s true, he is very lively and talkative. No one is trying to speculate the circumstances of the event. The fact is, he is violent. Whatever led up to his actions are frankly none of our business, but I can assure you that what he did was extremely over the line, and the victim was completely defenseless.

      I think these comments, or at least mine, are simply meant to relay important information about a man that is clearly recognizable to lots of c.h. residents. One that we will hopefully never see again.

  • This is so horrible! I live less than a block away and noticed that there was something happening. On Sunday night I asked the Giant security guard and he said that it was a homicide. I don’t know if this is confirmed or not. I’m sorry for all of you who witnessed it. I can’t imagine.

  • Any idea how we can find out what actually happened? Still nothing in the Post, other blogs, or news websites, and reports here have been all over the place.

  • Here are my questions since there is pretty much ALWAYS a cop stationed in the Giant. Which is what 30 feet away from where the guy sells his wares from his truck.

    a) how was he never stopped from being an illegal merchant before

    b) More importantly, HOW DID THE COP NOT STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING?!?!?! especially since it sounds like, from the comments that the altercation started, simmered, and then started again.

    • I’ve seen the MPD officer normally stationed at Giant purchasing items from the vendor many times. In the past 2 years, I see that particular officer on the phone or chatting with cashiers more often than he is standing at the door.

  • This is truly awful. Would anyone be interested in lighting some candles, leaving flowers, or offering some other sign of solidarity? I just feel it should be recognized in some way, since I’ve heard from so many in this neighborhood about the incident. If you have ideas I think it would be nice if we could share with one another and possibly figure something out.

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