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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • revel: met PoP this weekend!
    rant: I was in my pjs–awkward.
    revel: chocolate city beer growler fills on saturday. nice guys, delicious brew, just a short bike ride away.

  • Rave: Sorry, gotta brag: straight A-pluses this semester!
    Rant: Work potluck this week. I’m always at a loss at to what I should bring to these things.

  • I wanted to point out that in our area we have many people who cannot afford much during these holiday times. I was in line recently at Safeway and there was a couple that couldn’t afford their meat. Most likely they were retired on a fixed income. They checked out and I purchased the meat for them, running after them in the parking lot. The joy on their face was priceless. If you can afford to do this for someone you see in need I promise that it will warm your heart 🙂

    • So nice of you! Just want to add that tipping in cash rather than adding it to the bill helps a lot of people out this time of year too.

        • For example it takes a few weeks for the tip that I add to my grocery delivery to get to the delivery person.

        • When I was a waitress, cash tips were cash in your pocket, today. Credit card tips were paid at the end of each pay period– usually bi-monthly, IIRC. If the end of the next pay period happens to fall after the holidays, well, that’s money you can’t use to buy presents for your kids or a Christmas ham.

          • OK. Is that the norm? It’s been a while since I was in the food and drink business but our tips were always distributed at the end of our shift regardless of how they were given.

            And I realize that not everyone has one and some people can’t use them wisely, but this is precisely what credit cards are for.

          • I always got all of my tips (so including credit) in cash at the end of the night when I used to work at a restaurant. The cash advantage is that, to be completely honest, you didn’t have to claim your cash tips in the system so you could take them tax free and without them affecting your hourly pay directly paid by the restaurant. (my hourly wage took in consideration the tips I accumulated, so as long as my tips were over minimum wage I would get almost nothing from the restaurant’s cash flows). Whether or not this is ethical is a different issue.

    • Still regret that I missed this opportunity. A man in front of me at Piney Branch Safeway was trying to buy two 5-pound packages of 73/27 ground beef, but only had enough money to buy one of them. By the time I realized what was happening, he was gone. Have noted and will definitely take advantage of the situation next time.

  • Rave: Called a good friend to wish her a happy holidays. At the time of my call, she and her family were playing the board game LIFE. Here’s how it was going: Their 7 year-old son had lost his job as a hairstylist three times, their 9 year-old daughter was living in a trailer park, and the 10 year-old daughter had a mansion she couldn’t afford and was facing foreclosure. Oh, and all three kids were suing Dad. I heard the cacophony of the game in play as I talked to her and haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

    Mini-Rant: Starbucks in AdMo allegedly opens at 6AM. Tried to open the door at 6:45 AM with no luck. Turns out that the guy behind me was one of the employees and he was just getting there. Tryst ended up getting my coffee dollar this morning.

  • Simple rave: Getting a haircut today. I have short hair and 9.5 weeks without a haircut makes me look ridiculous.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    One reader sends the following:

    “Dear Metro,

    You will be getting coal in your stocking this year. And don’t think you can get out of it by “not celebrating Christmas” because Santa has Elves on the “Naughty” list that will stuff it into your gym sock whether you hang a stocking or not.

    We all do understand the holiday stress delays – the result of too-stressed-holiday-workers-with-no-leave-dropping-from-heart-attacks-at-7:30am-on-the-metro. Whaddaya gonna do about those? They happen. More of them happen during recessions and holiday seasons than usual and we understand this is distinctly different from your usual A/C-and-Escalators-simultaneously-out-to-kill-the-Elderly ploys from the summer. But this morning when I stepped onto the in-bound train (yes that’s a euphemism from Boston where they have actual running trains and gawd help you that you’ve lost out to Boston, fer cryin’ out loud…) at 7:07am and was immediately held somewhere in a tunnel around 7:15 until roughly 7:40* – I have to tell you, it really didn’t go well.

    I just need to understand why in the heck you took 25 mins to read a map of tunnels that have been in place for what – 35 years??? Why did it take that long to make the WRONG decision to keep those poor folks on that train, knowing the train wasn’t working right and needed to be sent to a dead end train track (you have those for this reason) in order for it to wait it’s turn to see an engineer and free up the pre – now – current rush hour train traffic – what could have possibly possessed you to “chance it” and keep that train on the tracks??? Were you as unsurprised as we were when we moved forward one station, and then held for another 30 mins??? How is it possible to stretch out my “trains before 7:15am get me in by 7:35am at the latest” commute from 25 minutes to 75 minutes locked-in-the-tin-can-from-hell??

    I suppose it’s not your fault that today was the day I forgot my iPod so couldn’t listen to a book or otherwise happy thoughts to keep me from focusing on my fellow seatmate who, while dressed for K Street, clearly hadn’t brushed his teeth since big shoulder pads and social blow were a la mode. I get it you didn’t engineer a system for me to get stuck next to that guy for 75 minutes this morning. But it sticks in my craw that I had to pay $15.75 for this morning’s entertainment. Why back the Kyoto Agreement when it’s now cheaper (and less stinky) to spend your morning driving your neighbors and colleagues off the road?

    So in summary – my 75 minute commute this morning is a serious black mark for you on Santas’s Naughty List. I have no idea how to get yourself disentangled from the nightmare web of old bad trains-defunct escalators you bought from companies that went out of business after your check cleared – or the utter inability of your current employees to read the engineering maps that show the route to where to stash the bad trains – but I suspect you could be greatly helped in this area by hiring Smart People ** but let’s be clear – you’re still getting coal in your stocking for 2011…….And don’t waste our time kvetching about this, remember if we were in the Netherlands, Santa (as the former Archbishop of Turkey) would just show up on your doorstep with 8-9 involuntary workers, stuff you in a sack and either beat you with a switch or take you to Spain where I presume he would sell you into slavery at some sweatshop where quotas are actually met. These days I hear that Santa’s gone soft over there and he just pretends to kick you – which is why we haven’t called in Sinterklaus – but you’re on notice that we have his number and he could arrive if you don’t shape up. On the other hand, if we were in the Netherlands I would have been at the office at 7:35am with a coffee and a smile.

    Happy holidays – you evil sign of the decline of our country…..


    * Metro delays result in a time warp much like when “New Math” was introduced in the late 70’s early 80’s. The clock time might read 25 minutes, the Metro “arriving in …. minutes” timetable will continue to show an optimistic “4 minutes” but somehow you just know deep in your bones that you could be eating dinner in Hong Kong by now – or at least getting a coffee in Suitland……

    ** Here’s a tip for hiring engineers – don’t hire anyone local and avoid all relatives – it didn’t go well the first time – the second time will not be a “charm” – just find someone who actually went to school to study this stuff. There are guys in Bombay with no education who can deliver lunches with a speed and accuracy that you can’t even dream of – seriously – where did you go so wrong??

    *** Actually I would like to compliment you on the conductor for my train who actually was rather pleasant in a morning-soma-powered kind of way. He’s clearly done this before and managed to display an appropriate level of disdain without actually sending his passengers into an OccupyMetro frenzy. Kudos on his hire.

    **** I’m sorry. A few of my colleagues have pointed out that I might have been a bit uncharitable. It’s true that you are sort of the illegitimate child who’s crashed the in-laws holiday party and sits in the corner eating the cheese ball with the hand you just picked your nose with. We get it that you’re limited. After all, you are a major component of DC Department of Transportation (living proof that not even a cute moniker like “.DOT” can save you from being hated for your incompetence and punitive fees). And you do provide a valued service for our end-of-the-year-holiday-stress. You are the agency-most-folks-at-the-holiday-party-love-to-loathe thereby making you a safe conversational topic when buttonholed awkwardly at the office holiday party(emphasis on “holiday” and “no holiday in particular – we just like that fat guy in the red suit – latkes anyone?”). Even family members of Metro employees will pile on the hate – they might even tell us (provided enough liquor) who was really at fault for when you ran over all those people who jumped or just plain didn’t notice the guy who DIED on the redline. It’s ok – we all know he just died of despair or potentially an exploded bladder from one of your quirkier morning delays. Hey, we’re kinda crowded as it is, so we know you were probably just doin’ your part. So congrats on providing the needed service of allowing us to channel all thatfamily-in-law-why-the-heck-am-I-stuck-next-to-the-counsins-from-out-of-town-AGAIN-angstinto a more positive place. Giving us the opportunity to deposit that urge to just once and for all Skip The Dang Holidays and put all that loathing into our morning commute. This lets us paste a smile on our faces by lunch and get back into the swing of things! Believe in twinkling lights and whiskers on kittens! Without you lousing up our day – who knows where that .DOT inspired backlash might show up! So thanks for being so vile.”

    • Rant: Seeing “Unsuck DC Metro”-style posts on a website that’s otherwise worth reading.

    • It seems that the point of that 1200-word rant was “My Metro train was stuck in a tunnel, not moving, for 25 minutes.”

    • Is time really so precious to this poster, because it seems that he/she had quite a bit of time to write up that rant.

    • Wow – that’s a rant and a half! I hope your day got better later, and you have a better commute home.

      Two points to clarify:
      You wrote
      “After all, you are a major component of DC Department of Transportation (living proof that not even a cute moniker like “.DOT” can save you from being hated for your incompetence and punitive fees).”

      1. Metro is not part of the DC Dept of Transportation, or any other part fo the District government. It’s an independent agency to which the District, Maryland, Virginia, various counties, and smaller cities belong.
      2. And the cute moniker is “D.” – pronounced “dee-dot”, as in DDOT (District Dept of Transportation) not “.DOT” which would be “dot-dot”

      • Metro complainers like this don’t actually want solutions and they don’t really care about accuracy, they just want attention.

  • Rave: Back home from trip, my husband is back home from his trip and we’ve got NO plans this week. Just relaxing…
    Rant: Work! Very stressful time of year.
    Rave: 12 family members at our place this weekend- it was crazy and exhausting but so wonderful as well.
    Rave: Grilled cheese, salad, and soup for lunch. Yum.

  • Rant: Careening down the freeway while having a possible medical emergency and no idea what to do about it is pretty damn scary.

    Rave: Everything turned out okay and no medical intervention was necessary.

    Rave1: Put up our first Christmas tree (Poodle Flufferpants), and it may look a little tacky, but we think it’s beautiful.

    Rave2: Family starts coming into town this week!

  • Rave: She said yes!

    Rant: Nothing.

  • Revel: Morning sex!

    Rant: None today.

  • rant: have been taking it easy for over a week to stave off a cold. woke up on saturday morning…with a cold.
    rave: finally met a nice guy. it’s so refreshing to be respected and treated well.

  • Rave: The group ringing my doorbell Saturday afternoon looking for figgy pudding.

    Rant: Feeling the need to explain to me what figgy pudding was

    Rave: They said it was on their bucket list. (Did they really mean scavenger hunt list?)

    Rant: Sadly I was out of figgy pudding

    Rave: I think they may have been a little drunk.

    • That’s pretty funny. Although slightly embarrassing for you to be out of figgy pudding during the holidays. 😀

  • Rant: So much to do in the next three days and so many deadlines for the next two weeks scrunched into so few hours. And so little motivation.

    Rave: Three days until holiday travel and suddenly wanting to go on a holiday decorating blitz of the house. Maybe some holiday cheer is making its way to me after all?

  • rant: I need to find a stuffed goat somewhere in the DC area. So far, none of the toy stores have any!

    • Maybe the zoo gift shop? Or maybe one of the museums would have one.

    • Have you tried the Navy Memorial gift shop or the Naval Academy yet? Annapolis area gift shops might have them too. The Navy’s mascot is a goat. When I was younger, you could buy Navy stuffed animals on base.

    • a hallal market?

      (Sorry. I couldn’t resist after misconstruing your first sentence.)

    • What do you need it for? I have one that an ex-boyfriend gave me that is sitting wrapped up on a shelf. I’m sure Billy the goat would love a new life being loved! Email me if you’re interested. He is smallish, white with grey horns, and a cute little beard. It’s a shame he is a product of a failed relationship 😛

      • Yay! Really?! It’s to accompany a Christmas present, but it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Sort of a gag gift.

        I can’t seem to figure out how to email you… we can’t click on the user name in this new PoP website… I’m at enotsnil (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • Rave: Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate and Pepperidge Farm Lemon cookies with strawberry jam…hmmmm
    Rant: Still doesnt feel like Christmas.

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: two weeks ago, in a moment of clairvoyance, i scheduled a massage for today. spent weekend getting chewed up and spit out by the mother of all migraines, and that massage is just what i need.

    Extra rave: holiday baking made the whole house smell delicious.

    Rant: Petworth metro station is starting to remind me of one of those dismal subway stops in Brooklyn.

    • As someone who was born and raised in Brooklyn and used the NYC transit system for a couple of decades, I’m curious as to the basis for the Brooklyn subway comparison. I can’t think of any metro station in DC that approaches the grunginess and griminess of NYC’s stations.

      • anon. gardener

        I was walking down the (always broken) escalator this morning at the Petworth station, and something about it – the broken escalator, the accumulating trash – reminded me of the NY subway. Just a whiff of Brooklyn, but it was still depressing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My favorite winter coat is falling apart.

    Rave: Good cookies at work.

  • Rant: There are an alarming number of non-handwashers in my office.

  • REVEL: Big win by Washington’s pro football team! (Don’t change the name; change the logo to a redskin potato).

    RANT: starting a new exercise regimen, and I’m a little sore today.

  • claire

    Rant: It’s Monday, and I’m working every day this week.
    Rant: Boyfriend going out of town tomorrow.
    Rant: Can’t believe xmas is in less than a week – I’ve been planning on making spice mixes as presents for family and I haven’t even gotten started yet!
    Rant: My to do list keeps getting longer and longer and I feel like I never cross anything off.
    Rave: 10 days of no work starting on Saturday… finally going to cross some things off my to do list!

  • Rant: Spent most of my lunch hour going over to the Cocoran to buy some presents at their shop, only to find that both museum and shop are closed Monday and Tuesday.

    Rave: National Gallery shop isn’t closed Monday and Tuesday. I’m going there tomorrow, and the Corcoran can suck it.

    • American Art Museum/Portrait gallery gift shop also has lots of great inexpensive gifts. Building museum too. And the Museum of Women in the Arts, though mostly expensive has some super cool bracelets made in S. Africa from telephone wire – only $15.00.

  • Rave: I took the GRE this morning, and got awesome scores! Will find out “official” scores with percentile rankings in 3 weeks, but I’m so happy that’s over!
    Rave: A friend from out of town is in town- dinner after work!
    Rant: Boyfriend’s gift is going to come too late for Christmas…

  • Rave: Christmas music on Pandora at work (for the first time this season)
    Rant: Full week of work this week
    Rave: Heading to London to visit my sister starting Friday!

  • Rant: crappy conference call.
    Rave: Boss will be out of the office beginning tomorrow.
    Revel: Holiday baking tonight.

  • Rant: My brother’s divorce became final on Saturday, and to make matters worse, it was his birthday.
    Rave (sort of): The divorce was pretty amicable….. so at least there’s not that kind of bad karma involved.

  • Revel: Beautiful girl is also a tar sands activist.

    Rave: Nice weather too.

  • Rave: In the quest to make Oreo truffles yesterday, I found something even better – Trader Joes brand sandwich cookies with CANDY CANES in them! Fabulous!

    Rant: Can’t find white almondbark ANYWHERE in this region. Come on, people, don’t you make candy??

    Rave: Leaving for home/Midwest on Friday!

    Rant: Stood in line to hear Hilary Rodham Clinton speak today but couldn’t get in.

    • The peppermint Oreo-type things are good, but the ones that are covered in chocolate with pieces of candy stuck to the outside of them are life-changing. Have not yet figured out whether that change is for the better or for the worst.

      • em

        Today was my building’s holiday cookie party, and management put those chocolate & candy cane covered Oreoes out (along with many other types of cookies and hot cocoa with marshmallows)!

  • Bear

    Rant: I have been trying to get my organization to address the vast inequity between my pay and that of my peers for the past 9 months. I have been strung along through two changes in management, then finally told that things were being addressed and that I “would be pleased.” I just got notification of the results of the review, and it’s insulting. Ready to quit tomorrow, use my saved up vacation time as my two weeks notice, and get the hell out.

    Rave: I have a good enough head on my shoulders that I know I should find something else before I bail.

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