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  • Nice place, tho the food is a touch pricy, but they’re aiming for it to be more than just bar food. Lots of emphasis on locally grown items on the menu.

    Bar downstairs, bar upstairs, patio in the back.

    The upstairs bartender was very friendly.

  • Love it! Definitely a good neighborhood bar hangout. The bartenders are nice and they have good beers on tap. I haven’t tried the food yet though.

  • It’s a Gastropub, so the food is really good and the price reflects that – I had a delicious burger, and my girlfriend go the Sunday roast – best deal on the menu! Nice 2nd floor back patio too…

  • I loved this place. i got the sense that they put a lot of thought into making it an authentic pub. the staff and atmosphere were great. The menu had some delicious options and they offered a lot of authentic british food and drink options.

  • Place is fantastic! I really dig the beer selection and the food is well worth the price!

  • Decent pub but the pasties were a real disappointment. The platter only includes one actual pastie and it is miniature and not very authentic in its flavor. The other two items on the platter ARE NOT pasties. They are more like puff pastries. This was a real downer since I went to the Vic specifically to try them out as I have been on the hunt for pasties since I moved to DC many years ago. Was very excited to finally have found a place that had them but sadly, they were not good.

    Does anyone know where else to get cornish pasties in DC?

  • Did a Sunday brunch there a few weeks back and was quite pleased with my pancakes and sausage.

  • I believe the owners wife is a liverpudlian, so the bonus is they’ll steal your hubcaps whilst your having a pint.

    Seriously, have yet to go but heard really good things about it.

    • *you’re having your pint

      I have found my days rant: I cannot type today

    • “We’ve got Dom Matteo, you’ve got our stereos”

      Actually, she’s Welsh, so she’s out shagging sheep while you enjoy your pint πŸ˜‰

      • Ahhh my ex was 1/2 welsh. Went to visit the family in Taunton, and could not for the life of me understand gramps and his damn welsh accent.

        I do love when Paul’s dad (Lucky Bar) comes over – his welsh accent is lovely.

  • It’s the type of place that people would bitch endlessly about if it opened in ch, u ST or any other nw neighborhood, but because it is h ST people are bending over backwards to justify the ridic prices. Morale of the story: h streeters bitch a lot less and are a lot more appreciative of new bars/restaurants than nw’ers

  • I love it – the staff is awesome and the food (fish and chips, bone marrow mmmmm) is delicious. Plus they have Monty Python’s Holy Ale. Can’t beat that.

  • I usually try not to respond to every blog post or review, but the comments by Anonymous really surprised me. In terms of our menu prices, I think they are exceptionally reasonable. In fact, it’s some of the most inexpensive of the offerings on H St. We bake all of our own bread, use all local proteins and just added a Welsh Seafood Bowl to the menu that most other restaurants would charge $30 for but that we have priced at $18. Of all the comments I’ve heard, our menu being “pricy” has definitely not been one of them. P.S. If consumers find a burger on a menu that is over $10 to be too expensive, they should wonder about what they are usually eating and where it comes from. Also, thanks for all the positive comments!!!

  • Really, really like this place. Owners, bartenders, food all stand out. When they were developing it, I was kind of hoping for a relaxing English pub where you can order from the bar, then relax on a couch or at a table with the paper or with friends. But this is more of a regular American bar (in form) with a very friendly pub vibe. When I saw how narrow the space is, makes sense that it would have to be a classic long bar and stool kind of set up.

    Beers are nice enough, but maybe too obsessed with British and Irish choices – really don’t need Smithwicks, Newcastle and Bass on tap since they’re all fairly pedestrian ales. I think having a couple nice local beers **especially on cask** would be true to the pub ethos. Just my .02 – I’ll be back often.

  • I haven’t been yet, but now that I’ve read the comments I really want to try it! If the food is locally sourced, good quality, and labor-intensive I think the prices seem more than fair.

  • Great food, prices are totally reasonable by DC standards and cheap by NW standards. The roasted marrow bones are awesome. Definitely needs cask ales, though. That’s the biggest hole in making it truley english pub-like!

    • I agree about the roasted marrow bone, I actually had it for the first time ever and it was at Queen Vic. I’ve been here a good amount of times and think the prices are totally reasonable. The beer selection is great but my go to is the Pimms Cup. Great staff, and great place to watch soccer. Oh, brunch is delicious too.

      • you said soccer. The Queen Vic will now laugh at you.

        • must one speak the queens english to go there?

          though, the term soccer comes from victorian england.

          • No silly, you can go there. But they’ll laugh at you (see their “about us” page) They won’t, but it is cute.

            The term football comes from england too. πŸ™‚

  • I went during the soft opening and was very pleased. Really flavorful food, nice beer list, good service. I thought the pricing was appropriate. And everything ran so smoothly that I actually didn’t know it was the soft opening until I saw the comment card along with my check. πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be back.

  • I went there when it was just starting out. That night there were some really loud obnoxious people who had way too much and were arguing. The food was good. Prices seemed pretty ordinary. Bartender was nice and fast. It was fine, but didn’t exactly make me want to rush back. There’s getting to be so much up there that’s pretty decent, but not a lot that knocks me off my feet or seems very personal. I’ll go back…eventually.

  • Great pub. Owners are super friendly and even brought our table some free menu samples. Food was good and I really appreciate the local sourcing. Definitely willing to pay these reasonable prices for high quality. They should really market this aspect. Plus I love the Belhaven IPA and looking forward to watching some soccer there. Overall great addition to the hood.

  • Good food and beer selection.. Now if they would only have Friday 5-6 Eastenders happy hour where you can actually watch the showon WETA.

  • My favorite spot on H! Friendly staff and good food and beer. Get the Fish and chips

  • Ditto all the positives. I moved to H St. a couple weeks ago and we sat down at the Queen Vic the first night we were there after a long day of moving. Noel, a waiter downstairs made great recommendations and conversation, and brought us samples of one of their IPAs, that we all ended up ordering. Great atmosphere, great food (the Welsh cheese bread was incredible, and my roommmates loved the bone marrow)and it was a great intro to the neighborhood.

  • We’ve been twice–husband is English and was initially looking for good fish and chips. He gives big thumbs up on that. I had the English breakfast which was a yuppie version of a classic English b’fast and very good, except for the sausage which was too dry. But the rasher was probably the best I’ve had outside England. Went again and husband had sunday roast–another thumbs up–while I tried the bubble and squeak. Don’t know if you call that adventurous but it was good. We both also think they should do more other European beers and not so many English, but beers they have in pubs in England like Carlsberg, Stella, and Kronenberg. Prices are reasonable, football’s always on, they’re happy for us to have our four year old with us, just like a proper English pub–we’ll definitely be back.

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