Oh this certainly doesn’t look good

HEADS UP: The video has some language in it that probably won’t fly blaring out of your office speakers. Oh, and there is some violence and blood. Probably should just say this is NSFW.

What what?

This seems to be blowing up everywhere today. WTOP, DCist, and a bunch of other news outlets have some info, though there doesn’t seem to be much more than a shocking video and a description from police that–hold on to your hat–doesn’t seem to quite match what we see in the video.

Something makes me thing this won’t end well for anyone involved.

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  • Did they catch him eating french fries?

    • They probably caught him being drunk, homeless, and annoying. I work on that block. There are so many mentally ill and intoxicated people crawling around like cockroaches on that sidewalk that some days it’s scary.

      It also looks like he struck out at them — biiiiiiiig mistake — and they took him down to the ground to cuff him. The big bash in the face looks accidental (you see the cop on the one side appearing to lose his balance during the take-down).

      Listen — I know that cops abuse their authority all the time. This case just doesn’t look like that. And it gives the movement for police accountability a bad name when these far more questionable cases get touted as the big drama.

  • This is disturbing. Is it wrong to think the blond cop is really hot?

  • I def. don’t think the cops are at fault and am pretty shocked some people do. The drunk punches a cop in the face and then the three of them lose their balance in the struggle that ensued. It’s not like the cops drove him into the ground or beat him after he was subdued, even though the drunk ass would have deserved it (not that I’m suggesting the cops should have indulge).

    • Please tell me you’re joking. “lose their balance?” Even the most blind follower of all actions by police would have to be drunker than this guy to not see the blatant trip to knock him down and drive his head into the ground. What kind of struggle are you seeing? Two able-bodied trained police officers overpowering a hammered handicapped man is not a struggle, it’s an unnecessary use of force.

      Some cops are great people who really want to serve our city. Others are bullies who became cops for the sense of authority and intimidation it provided. Anyone who doesn’t realize that both of these types of cops exists is a blind moron. And I have noticed that the smaller the jurisdiction, the more likely you have the latter type of cop. Welcome to Metro Transit.

      • I think you’re confused, of course the cops took him to the ground. That’s the point. The fact that his head hit the ground wasn’t intentional by any means – watch the video, the cop on the right obviously loses his balance/(obviously) doesn’t have complete control of where the drunk lands. That doesn’t mean it’s excessive. The drunk waste of space getting injured was just a bonus to the situation, not the cops’ intention. Think they don’t know where they are? Think they don’t know they’re surrounded by yuppies who think they all know what’s best?

        • Why do 2 cops need to take a wheelchair-bound drunk guy to the ground?

          I think they know exactly where they are and don’t give a rat’s arse.

        • strike a cop = hard take-down…to send a message/prevent further escalation. Once someone is dumb enough to get physical with a cop, you never know how they may escalate (knife, other weapon etc)…you also don’t know if that guy really needs the chair or if its part of a panhandling scam.

  • It will end fine for the cops.

  • wait, dude cold cocks a cop on 14th street and the cops tackle him and we’re supposed to think that because he is in a wheelchair that the police are at fault? Please. Dont punch police and you wont get tackled.

    I love the outrage about the kid shooting at a cop, but someone punching a cop, well thats just ok.

    • who said the guy punched the cop? none of the statements that I have seen shows that…not in the video either

      • Watch again – dude strikes the cop with his left hand at 0:02, right as the other one starts to block your view.

      • are you blind – the guy clearly punches the cop. That’s the entire reason for the altercation.

        • not to be a dick, but that looks like a mush more than a punch. and its U St b/t 12 & 13th, not 14th. And yea, still excessive force.

        • It seems like they had already decided to de-wheelchair him at the point where he punches. not sure what it’s worth.

          I think it’s really unfortunate. I understand the cops can’t take chances with people maybe having guns and what not. On the other hand, that was pretty brutal. That guy definitely turned out to be crippled.

          Hopefully everyone will learn something.

        • Worst…Punch…..Ever…..

        • Yup, I think Cops were in the right and acted professionally despite the unfortunate hard landing for the “wheelchair” guy. I also question a lot of people in those wheel chairs and wonder if they actually need them. I think a lot of companies that make those know the medicare loop holes and find any reason to get people electro-wheel chairs which are paid for by the Government.

        • a drunk man in a wheelchair throws a punch. tossing him out of his chair onto the ground seems a bit much. EXCESSIVE, if you will….

  • “the three of them lose their balance”

    lol. The cops pick the dude up and the one of the left pushes him forward with his leg out to trip him and take him down. That’s what I see. The guy “loses his balance” because he’s in a wheelchair and gets tripped. Seem completely excessive from what I see and have read.

  • why didnt the just boot the wheelchair?

  • Or disconnect the battery?

  • what is the opposite of props to the cops?

  • PoP readers again deserve Heisman for best arm chair quarterbacking.

  • Take a swing at a cop and bad things are going to happen to you. Pretty stupid to think otherwise…

    Also interesting that they edited out the beginning of the video, so all that is shown is the take down. Standard propaganda technique to only show what you want to be seen.

  • Thank god for crystal clear, cellphone + youtube video.

    The guy in the chair definitely hit the cop on the left, whether it was a closed fist punch or not, it seemed to be a fairly strong blow, the cop’s head goes back, and at that point the cop did seem to put out his leg to trip the guy and bring him down. The cop on the right didn’t do anything wrong that I could see.

  • Don’t resist arrest. You don’t get a pass just because you got a free power chair from thescooterstore.

  • pennyworth

    I love that people see what they want to see.

  • If you have an open container in public, hammered in public (apparently .30 BAC), and throw a punch at cop, you are going to get this treatment, and deserve it. Wheelchair or not. Being handicapped does not mean you get to break multiple laws.

  • That definately looked like some WWF piledriver stuff. Bad cops who watch too much professional wrestling and shoot steroids on their days off.

  • Yeah, its disturbing how many just lazy & fat and/or fully-able-to-walk wheel around on those motorized wheelchairs…

  • these kinds of comments here are why judicial proceedings are so long and tedious. everyone wants to cast judgement without really knowing the full story. you really need to fight that urge.

  • The video does not match the “he lost his balance story” but it does show the guy was deliberately taken to the ground after he assaulted a police officer, which is perfectly legal and justifiable.
    For whatever reason, the cops were removing this guy from his chair to take him into custody. As he is being lifted, he strikes/pushes/shoves the cop on the left. One of the cops then says “On the ground!” and they take him down. I have no idea why he was being arrested, but it looks like he resisted arrest and that’s why he ended up on the ground. It’s standard procedure for police to take someone to the ground if they are resisting arrest.
    Whether the cops could have done this differently, who knows. But when you put up a fight when a cop is taking you into custody, it should not be a big shocker to you if you end up getting hurt.

  • This is nothing new. I saw 3 people in wheelchairs thrown to the ground and handcuffed a block away from where I live. This was a little over a year ago. Unfortunately the DC police enforce based upon mood swings and personal vendettas. It has made me want to be a shut in. LOL

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