Washington, DC

Gated Community
So, I’m curious how you describe your neighborhood to people from elsewhere.

Let’s assume for this post that you don’t live in Georgetown or Palisades or Spring Valley. Plus, I’m sure there are other blogs for you people.

Anyhow, I’ve always struggled how to describe my neighborhood to outsiders in a way that’s honest, but respects my neighbors.

For example, I’ve heard lots of people say they live in a “changing neighborhood.” Really? How do your long-term neighbors feel about that term? Do they feel like it’s a changing neighborhood? Or does using terminology like that make them feel like they are part of what’s being changed?

I live in Petworth, just north of Grant Circle. So I often tell people that the gentrification in the rest of the city is happening there, but at a slower, more comfortable, pace. But who knows, even that could be a stupid thing to say.

But I try to stay away from terms like “changing neighborhood” or “gentrifying neighborhood” because I wouldn’t want my neighbors to think I’m eager for them to leave (concerning 92% of them, I hope they stay a long time).

Am I being overly concerned about nothing? How do you describe it?


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