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  • Chicken sandwich was decent. The cook doesn’t understand english, so don’t order it if you don’t like mayo. It will come smothered in it.

  • snapping turtle soup: is that just the name or is that for real?

    • Turtle soup might be the tastiest thing on the planet (when done right). I’m guessing this is for real.

    • It’s a delicacy and absolutely scrumptious, very popular in Creole cooking. But it does have to be done well, as Anony said.

  • Am I missing the fried oyster sandwich option on the menu. How could they not have a fried oyster sandwich.

    That being said, the build-out looks awesome.

  • For a place called an Oyster House, the menu seems rather lacking in the Oyster category.

  • I had a wonderful experience at Senarts a couple of weeks ago. They have a fairly small menu but the food was AWESOME. There were four of us and we got two forms of oysters for appetizers one cooked and the other raw. Like other better establishments that serve raw oysters our server made us aware where our oysters came from and the quality to expect. We also ordered main course dishes from the menu which mostly comprised of Steaks and Pork and let me tell you…. simply amazing! My girlfriend got the “Hangar Steak” which was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing. I ended up getting the “Boneless Beef Short Ribs” and they were FANTASTIC. They also had a good beer selection.

    The place is has a VERY small dining area. It is mostly comprised of a big bar/oyster bar and a small dining area in the back. Also a small outdoor dining area.

    Bottom line, check this place out.

  • Haven’t been there yet but I walk by it every day and it looks fabulous. However, I’m more intrigued by the sign on the neighboring space:

    “Toshi & Noshi
    Sushi and Noodles
    Bread and Kebab”

    (or something like that)

  • I’m also pysched to hear the People’s Curch across the street will become a movie theater, even if it is run by another church (the NCC).

  • Good oysters, decent cocktails, quite a few meat options (pork chops, bone in ribeyes, hanger steaks). The steak tartare is substantial and a good deal at $10 for a big portion of meat. The turtle soup was a disappointment: hardly any meat, zero flavor except for the green peppers. The half-price oysters from 3-6 will definitely be a draw, but the front side of the bar is really cramped. The service can be hit or miss, but the place just opened so I can cut them some slack. Definitely check it out if you’re in the neighborhood and Matchbox/Ted’s has a line.

  • I was hoping the menu would have more seafood options. We stil don’t have a dedicated seafood restaurant on the Hill.

  • I have a friend who (like me) loves oysters. We have the same birthday and usually on our birthday (next week!) we go to the Old Emmitt for their raw bar happy hour. I might suggest going to Senart’s this time to him.

  • andy

    anybody know where they get their oysters? Anything from Puget Sound could be a big draw for me.

  • Had two great experiences there so far: one for brunch and one for dinner. Oysters were nice and fresh, and even better, the chilled lobster is very well done (and a decent bargain at $16). Also tried the sliders and the pork chop, both fo which were excellent but some of the serving sizes are a little small, especially the lobster sliders, which is more bread than anything else. Space is great, too — I love the outdoors and the bar area (prefer eating at the bar over tables, of which SEnart’s has few!) Overall, a great addition to 8th Street.

  • I have to disagree on the buildout — it’s utterly heinous. Evertime I pass I expect to see Yosemite Sam barging out with guns ablaze.

  • Is the painted ad on the side of the brick building an old one? I’m confused, as I thought the place was new… did they create a new but “distressed”-looking ad?

    • Their website: ” Welcome to Senart’s where in this very building between 1913 & 1939 the Senart family lived in a 1 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor & proudly
      served fresh oysters & bar fare on the 1st floor. “

      • Ahh, OK. So they decided to take the restaurant name/concept from the existing painted ad (and the building’s history).

  • I can’t get past the fact that not a single item listed for the daily “Half Price Raw Bar” is in fact half of the regular price!

  • Went for their first day of brunch service on Sat. The Lobster Roll Sliders were okay but too much mayo. The fried cod sandwich was huge, almost too big, there was no way to eat it without making a disaster of your plate. Three large pieces of fish and a tons of veggies, fries were thick and tasty.

    Bartenders were attentive, but considering that it was fairly dead in there, I’d expect them to be.

    Actually not a whole heck of a lot of seating. It’s most all at the bar, so this will be a great happy hour place with a pretty decent beer selection.

  • Best onion rings anywhere!!!

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