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Memorial in Dupont – RIP Jumbo

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2011 at 11:30 am 10 Comments

“Dear PoP,

For the past few days, I’ve walked by this makeshift memorial on a porch on Swann Street in Dupont. Apparently, the owner, Jumbo, died, and a note taped to a plastic chair is on his porch. Since then, people have left flowers and even a newspaper at the memorial to “our beloved Jumbo, the mayor of Swann Street.” I find the note to be very moving, and the flowers and newspaper a real testament to the kindness of Washingtonians. May the mayor rest in peace.”

  • LisaT

    Aww. :(

  • Anonymous

    Condolences to Jumbo’s family.

    But also praise to them: if you’re going to put out a memorial, the public sidewalks are not the place for it. Glad to see this is on someone’s porch.

  • JC

    Jumbo was the nickname of the gentleman who lived in the house, not an pet.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thank you.

      • sneaks

        (POP, you may want to take the “pets” tag off. Unless you’re already on that!)

        RIP Jumbo — sounds like you were a great neighbor.

  • JC

    Jumbo was my neighbor for many years. He spent most afternoons and evenings sitting on that very chair with his newspaper watching what was going on the street and saying hello to everyone. Once when I was out of town, he saw my parents dropping off furniture and Jumbo immediately called my landlords to make sure no one was breaking into my place. He was a landmark and I enjoyed chatting with him almost everyday. The 1800 block of Swann St will never be the same.

    • Kimberly


      Any idea what happened? I feel like I just saw him 2 weeks ago and he was his usual spry self. Am so sad to see that he had passed away. He made my day for the past many years as I passed him. Would love to send a note to family or reach out in some way. Thank you!

  • Dog Owner

    I was just about to make a pithy, self-serving comment about how people “these days” seem to exhibit more emotion and concern for dogs over people, but now here I sit – chastened and ashamed. Condolences.

    • How courageous of you to admit that mistake Dog Owner.

      I didn’t know Jumbo but I sure wish we had a mayor like that on Warder Street.

  • Anonymous

    Human or animal, I think it’s great that the street thought so much of a living soul and showed an outpouring of grief and concern at the passing.


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