Anyone Know Why Cafe Citron’s Liquor License Got Suspended for 96 hours?

“Dear PoP,

I tried to go to Cafe Citron for happy hour last night only to find their liquor license has been suspended–for 96 hours. Seems like a weird fate. Any idea what’s up?”

Hmm, first I’m hearing of this – anyone know what happened?

Cafe Citron is located at 1343 Connecticut Ave, NW.

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  • Ha! Why would anyone go there anyway?

    • I used to go all the time– it’s a fun place if you enjoy latino culture and aren’t claustrophic.

  • ABC will suspend licenses for periods like that for minor infractions of liquor license stipulations, i.e. patio being open too late or other relatively minor infractions.

  • Some look at it as a slap on teh wrist, but the liq lic is the main source of revenue for a place like that, especially over the Thurs-Sat time frame.

    It is probably going to cost them a few tens of thousands in revenue.

    • I don’t know, I never drank much there because I was too busy dancing and it was too much effort to push my way over to the bar. I don’t recall seeing that many people holding drinks, either. It’s kind of a burden if you wanna get up on the tables!

    • Well, maybe they shoulda thought about that before they broke the law!

  • B.W. is correct, though 96 hours leads me to believe it could be a penalty for serving an underage customer (aka ABRA sting kid that they set bartenders up with). Also, 96 hours I think would usually be a second offense. 48 hours is generally a first offense for those types of minor (double entendre alert) infractions.

  • My ears hurt just thinking about this question. Used to go there too. Too old and married and kidded now.

  • Cafe Citron is a fun place. Sometimes I think people just like to rag on places because…well, that’s kind of the thing to do.

  • They must have been showing a boxing match without paying HBO.

    Somewhere Jimmy Eagan is laughing.

  • $5 mojitos. It’s a summer favorite.

  • There was a stabbing inside the bar on Tuesday night. 96 hour closure is standard automatic closing then they will have to deal with ABRA etc.

    For what its worth, they are terrible at enforcing even basic rules (shutting down the music on time, closing at legally required hours, crowd control etc)

  • I’ve never left that place happy, always something with the people there. Not to mention the cockroaches seem to find it the “place to be.” I know it’s the city, but they’re crawling all over that joint. Take a look on the underside of a table and you’ll see at least two, probably getting it on to the latin music. Also, I once caught the coat check woman digging in someone’s bag, it had a ticket on it, not cool.

  • Its easy to get laid in that place…. I love it!!!

  • Stabbing?
    I heard their liquor license was suspended because 3 people were sent to the hospital last weekend for drinking too much.
    I didn’t find any stories on a stabbing at Citron either.

  • Just called Citron to find out the scoop… their liquor license was reinstated today and they’ll be open for business on Monday for sure, possibly Saturday. Woot!

  • Nope, wrong… Still closed… Doesn’t look good… Think about what DC9 went through…

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