The 5pm Post – Ex-Apparatus at Corehaus March 25th

From an email:

“Have you heard about the exhibit in at the Petworth CORHAUS this Friday from 6-10?  The show is called Ex-Apparatus.   The artist’s work looks very interesting on his website .  Apparently, he adheres his photography to to repurposed industrial and architectural material.”

Corehaus is located at 825 Upshur Street, NW near Domku.

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  • Corehaus is amazing. Nuff said. If you haven’t been there and you live in the area, you don’t get out enough.

  • Agreed this place is a true gem. For the neighborhood and the entire district.

  • Looks awesome!

  • Agreed. If you want something unique for your place you should definitely check Corehaus.

  • COREhaus is AMAZING! it is THE petworth destination spot!!

  • I agree it is a nice place and clean retail set-up but the items being sold are of a “certain taste.”

    Old junk is not for me, but I am sure some will love it.

    Certainly worth a visit, especially on that part of Upshur… change is coming!

  • Bunch of junk. Not sure what the appeal is. Check out Wednesday country auction at Dixon’s in Crumpton, Md. if you want to see where Randolph’s Antiques, Good Wood, Miss Pixie’s, etc. get their stuff and then mark it up to sell to urbanites. (shhhh!)

  • Interesting definition of junk you have. The stuff at Corehaus is often reworked and repurposed into functional, artistic, useful pieces that reflect an artisanal handcrafted asthetic that maintain the original feel.

    The pottery pieces are topnotch as well!

  • “Anonymous” is a bunch of junk and an obviously sub-par competitor to CORE HAUS, lacking originality and trying to degrade the idea of reusing local materials for artistic uses.

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