Queen Vic Opening Thurs. with a Limited Menu on H St, NE

We took a peek at the Queen Vic’s menu back in Feb. The Queen Vic is located at 1206 H Street NE. You can see their final menu here. They’ll be soft opening with a limited menu tomorrow, Thursday 31st. This past week they’ve been open for drinks and I stopped in to snap some photos.

Anyone check them out yet for drinks?

More photos after the jump.

And they’ll have a nice little outdoor deck area as well:

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  • Khan’s, Toki Underground, and now the Queen Vic, all opening in the same week– if it’s like this now, what’s H Street going to be like when the streetcar starts running?

    Rooty Tooty must be on the verge of an aneurysm.

  • Fullers ESB on draft is so full of win. I am going to check this place out over the weekend.

  • Are they going to run episodes of Eastenders on tv?

  • goddamn! That’s what I’ve been sacrificing cats for, to get this kind of place in the ParkView-ish neighborhood…. I see Fullers, Hobgoblin, Wells Bombardier… To enjoy such a thing without the Chuck-E-Cheez ambiance of Elephant & Castle would be a joy.

    • Sacrificing cats!?!?! That’s horrible! If you expect the gods to answer your prayers, you’re going to need to sacrifice something of value…

  • Some people beat me with the Eastenders references, but I’m going to have to ask the owner if that’s really where the name comes from. Used to watch that on PBS with my parents. Too cool.

  • into it.

    the roof deck kinda looks like a sauna with no roof. whatever any roof is a good roof. not too many on H either.

  • I made it there last Sunday with some friends. The place looks great, the vibe was friendly and the taps were flowing. I’m already sad that it’s going to get popular and too crowded for me quickly!

  • I went last Friday. It’s practically perfect – can’t wait to try their food!

  • I checked out the roof-deck. I think, in a way, it’s meant to be a place to escape to smoke. Not much in the way of ambiance, but it’s better than nothing, at least for smokers. Of course, I didn’t see smokers out there, so I don’t know if it’s allowed, but that’s my presumption.

  • Was there Thursday. Great beverage selection, friendly barkeep, cozy space. Approved!

  • It’s a bit fakey, but I’m still a sucker for the look. I’ll just take the light rail over, right?

  • Another place to slurp down overpriced beer and have cool people see you doing it!

    If they really want to be authentic, only two people under 30 should be allowed at any given time, preferrably named Ricky and/or Bianca (bee-AIN-ka). Oh, how I miss Grant Mitchell…

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