Dear PoPville – Wine Delivery in the District?

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“Dear PoP,

As a District resident, can I get wine delivered to my house? Is this legal?”

Yup it’s legal. There are services like First Vine that deliver and Cairo Wine and Liquor also delivers in DC.

Anyone ever have wine delivered to their house before? If so, who’d you use and was there an additional charge? How long did it take?

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  • What kind of delivery are we talking about?

    When I lived in Columbia Heights there was a Chinese place that delivered wine and beer. A recipe for weight gain, for sure, but it was fun every now and then.

  • We often buy wine and liquor at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits! Several times in the past they have delivered wine and liquor to our house when we’re having parties, etc. There is no delivery charge, but it’s understood that you give a tip to the driver. I highly recommend them!

  • Are you talking about by a local store or by mail? I think it’s illegal to get wine by mail in DC, but yeah, there are a few liquor stores here that will deliver.

    • Definitely not illegal to get wine shipped to you in DC. (Although if “mail” just means US Postal Service, I believe they do not ship alcohol. UPS and FedEx certainly do.)

      • Yeah, I get a case of wine shipped to me every few months and it is legal in DC. I love the Booze Santa (my FedEx dude).

  • I read this more as getting wine sent through the mail, but perhaps I’m reading it incorrectly.

    And (unless people I know have been breaking the law), you can get it delivered, provided that the rules in the state from which you are ordering allow it.

  • North Sea in Adams Morgan delivers wine, beer, and cigarettes in addition to Chinese food and sushi.

  • Van Ness Wine and Liquors delivers at no charge, except for the encouraged tip to the driver.

  • D’vines in Columbia Heights has always graciously wheeled a case over to my house – but I’m only a block away. Still, they are very neighborhood oriented and I’m sure you could make some easy arrangement with them.

  • Tradewinds Specialty Imports in Bloomingdale. They specialize in Spanish and South American wines from smaller wineries.

  • North Sea Chinese in Adams Morgan delivers wine beer and cigarettes. No additional fee and its not very expensive at all.

  • — Scroll to the bottom for states they deliver wine to. you can get wine delivered to DC as well as beer if i recall. There is some sort of age verification i believe.

  • How is the food at North Sea Chinese? I have bought cigs there before – and always wondered.

    • From what I recall it’s standard Chinese food. Not exceptional, but not bad either.

    • nothing to write back to the mainland over, but not bad. open later for delivery than some other options in the area. this I will say: i have a hard time ordering sushi from chinese restaurants.

    • I think it is a little (though not much) better than your average Chinese take-out. More variety, too.

  • Wine delivery to DC is legal although there is one case a month limit. It isn’t really enforced since I’ve gotten over a case before from various sources, but a single seller can’t send more than a case per month. You can, however, have the overage sent to your spouse or someone else at your address.

    The Wine Institute had good info on this stuff.

  • (I’m talking about from out of DC shipments, here.)

  • Completely legal in DC. I just got a case of wine delivered. I was a good deal with a groupon but you had to be at home to sign the slip (fedex).

    So I had it dropped off at the 14th and Kenyon fedex shop. Easy but it was a bit of a hassle carrying a case of wine home on a CaBi!

    Oh and they did not check my ID to see if I was 21. But then again, I am 42.

    • How did you have it dropped off in DC? I had something (not wine) fedexed to me and the closest location they could hold it for pickup is in Beltsville. I have no idea how I’m going to get out there during their business hours.

  • Definitely not illegal to get wine delivered via mail in DC. I have gotten wine delivered to my apartment before. The box was clearly marked that in contained alcohol and that ID was supposed to be checked upon delivery. However, whoever delivered it just gave it to the front desk of my building and they just handed it to me also without checking ID. Oh well… I’m definitely of age.


  • I’ve had wine delivered several times from The only thing thats different is that someone HAS to be home to sign for it and the signer needs to be over 21. I live in a house, so I didnt have a doorman to sign. My box said that it COULD NOT be left at the FEDEX location, so I had to arrange to have somone home.

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