Dear PoP – Where is a good spot to watch Tennis (Australian Open)

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“Dear PoP,

Similar to the topic of where to watch hockey, do you know of any tennis fanatics/bars that are showing later rounds/final of the Australian Open this week/next weekend?”

In previous years I have watched the Australian Open at Angles (2339 18th St, NW) in Adams Morgan (one of their bartenders, Anita, is Australian and a fellow tennis fan).

You guys know of any other good spots?

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  • I’d like to know too! Great question! It would be fun to watch with other fans.

  • I’m sure Blue Banana will have the Open going. Owner seemed like a tennis fan.

  • I think the problem will be that the nighttime matches there get broadcast here at around 3am so the bars will be closed.

  • The results may be posted early in the morning, but the match is usually rebroadcast during daytime hours.

  • Yes, the finals are at 3:30 AM, so your best bet is to find a 24 hour spot that has a tv and invite people to go there. The matches are on ESPN2 and

  • any of the posh clubs where you can play squash

  • I was the one who sent in the question and feel a little foolish now! I record all the matches on my DVR for when I get home from work and completely forgot how far ahead they are. I assume Blue Banana is still the recommended bar for when the Slams closer to (and within) DC’s time zone occur.

    Additionally, anyone know where to look for tennis partners/clubs for when the weather gets nicer? I’d love to play more consistently, but have had trouble finding people to play with since moving back to DC.


    • I play at East Potomac Tennis Center at Hains Point in DC. They have private and group sessions. Also, you can join a USTA league offering all levels to play on a team. It’s actually less expensive too. Just inquire online or call them at EPTC.

      I tried a while back and had no luck, at least for DC area.

  • dont have dvr so i woke up in the middle of the night to watch it live.

    it was worth it. great match djokster vs the bird

    btw you can try and join a tennis group.

    i would be interested in finding a tennis partner in the CoHi area but it hasnt been easy.

  • Tonic in Mt Pleasant will be playing the Australian Open this weekend.

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