Good Deal or Not – “custom designed Boffi kitchen” edition (Realtor Request)

This home is located at 1642 21st St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Currently feat. in Home & Design Magazine, this historic Rowhouse matches clean lines and simplicity with modern comfort. Home feat. a custom designed Boffi kitchen w/ high-end appliances, rear patio, parking, 3BR, and 2.5BA in upper unit, & LL efficiency unit. Both units included in sales price. This is a 2-unit condo-Listed as Fee Simple for information purposes only. Short walk to Dupont Metro”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Normally I decline realtor requests but I was intrigued by the Home & Design Magazine article then I was blown away by the virtual tour and there you have it. It’s interesting that the home was split into 2 units (you get both). Given that do you think it’ll go for $1,875,000?

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  • So…is that really the painting you want in your bedroom when you are trying to sell your house? Or is it just me?

  • Ahh, so good. Nothing like porn on Friday to start the weekend off right.

  • As much as a $1.8M+ property can be, this is a great deal. One of the best blocks on the Dupont/Kalorama border, and a lower level unit that could fetch top dollar. Hell, since it’s legally a condo building (I think based on the description?), sell it after closing! That being said, the design aesthetic makes me cringe, and there’s lots of it that is “built in”. You’d really have to be a good match for this place or spend a lot more money re-doing it

  • Before I start, (and I don’t want to sound snarky here) but anyone who has read POP more than once knows that the demographic of the majority readership really isn’t qualified or experienced enough to say with any level of authority whether this is a good deal or not. Yes, anyone can drool over a house but I really have to wonder about a listing realtor asking this crowd if its a good deal.

    Having gotten that out of the way, no. This is not a good deal.

    1. There is a pretty large listing discrepencey in square footage that needs to be rectified. The City records show that place to have 2,118 sq/ft and its listed here with 2,568. Red Flag number 1.

    2. Even if the realtor is correct, this is a list price of $730 bucks sq/ft, which is pretty astounding. If the realtor is incorrect, then its listed for $885 sq/ft.
    Redfin is your friend, look at the recent Comps. There are 3 decent and recent comps to this house, all of them selling in the low 1 million range, or $385 to $485 sq/ft. Style wise, the contemp design speaks to a very specific kind of buyer, like myself. But nothing about that renovation is worth paying ~$300 bucks a sq/ft MORE than the highest comp for. Red Flag # 2

    3. Again, look at Redfin. There are a few homes, close comps that have been on the market for a awhile. We are now solidly into the Fall selling season, which most realtors know is pretty slow, which will work into a nearly dead RE season the closer to the holidays we get.

    I would be pretty shocked if this house sold for anywhere near this price. My guesstimate is that it will sell in the 1.4 to 1.5 mil range.

    • I think you would be more accurate in stating the majority of readers who comment on real estate posts aren’t qualified or experienced enough.

  • For the location & condition, I don’t think the price is out of line… I looked at home nearby about 8 years ago (early in last cycle) that needed a complete-rehab and it was $900k back then. Add in $300k per unit for top quality re-model and a bit of appreciation and the price is in the ballpark. As for the design; personally I think it looks more like a Crate & Barrel catalog than a lived in home. Not my thing.

  • Wasn’t that designer a witness in the Robert Wone (Swann St.) murder trial?

  • Yeah, your right. I think he was a neighbor or something.

    The rooms (kitchen, 2nd bedroom) are oddly shaped. I like the way the interior design job, but not much else.

  • Seems strange to me that couple who renovated the house and supposedly love it are now selling- that’s alot to invest in a house and then leave.

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