Old Gage-Eckington School Park Breaks Ground in LeDroit Park Wed. Morning

Thanks to a reader for sending in some photos. From a press release:

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) Valerie Santos and Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Director Jesús Aguirre joined the LeDroit Park Civic Association and Ward 1 residents to break ground on a new public park at 2025 3rd Street, NW.

“The design and creation of this park is a true collaboration between the District and dedicated community members like those of the LeDroit Park Civic Association,” said Mayor Fenty. “This park is a fantastic example of how we can all work together to create open recreational spaces that truly serve the surrounding community.”

“This park will be a great addition to the already rich history of the LeDroit Park community,” said Deputy Mayor Santos. “The activity that will be generated in this dynamic green space will join the great work being done by the staff and volunteers of the Common Good City Farm at this space since the Fall of 2008.”

When completed in January 2011, the $1.5 million, 112, 000 square foot park will boast the following:

o Multi-use playing field
o Dog park
o Children’s garden
o Jogging and walking path
o Rain garden and botanical plazas
o Playground areas for ages 3-6, 7-12
o Garden plots

The site was once home to the Gage-Eckington Elementary School which was closed in 2008. The District worked with the community since that time to determine a positive re-use of the land. DMPED contributed $1.5 million towards the park and awarded an additional $100,000 grant to the LeDroit Park Civic Association and Common Good Farm for the creation and maintenance of the community garden on-site.

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  • Ah yes, botanical gardens!

  • More exciting– the ground breaking at the O Street Market yesterday!! Nearly 10 years in the making– the most anticipated project in DC in YEARS. Will completely transform Shaw.

  • Fenty has a lot of nice groundbreakings to show off during this critical time of his campaign!

  • I am really excited by this addition to the neighborhood. That’s why I am voting for Gray in the upcoming election.

    • I hope you’re kidding. Gray tried to kill the streetcars and scares off investors. All the people voting for Gray crack me up– they talk about “personality” and “style.” At the end of the day, I want results– and Fenty is moving things forward (while Gray has, on numerous occasions, stood in his way). If you like economic progress, vote Fenty.

  • I get Henry Poone’s joke/point. I don’t understand people who say they like where the city is going and the projects that have started in the last four years but still want to get rid of Fenty.

  • Go Adrian – and thank you!

  • What investors were scared off?
    Also quite a few people think streetcars are cute but not worth the investment (include me in that group)

    I assume those people do not give Fenty credit for where the city is going. This is nothing new, people did not want to give Anthony Williams credit. Many of the ‘projects’ were in planning long before Fenty was in office, ‘Economic forces drive development’ is the rationale I hear from people. (Note: Fenty voted against the baseball stadium and some accused him of standing in the way of development – he was right good idea, bad deal for city )

    Initially I thought Fenty was great. He reached out to Mayor Bloomberg in NY for advice and adopted the bullpen environment to have more contact with senior advisors. Not liking style is not a reason to vote someone out of office but he gave his opposition ammunition with the Skinner / Karim dealings. I like Fenty but I am not really that worried about the direction of the city if he loses. I actually like Gray as city council chair as a balance to Fenty. There was clip of Fenty’s wife on WTOP crying in defense of her husband, he is in trouble politically.

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