Woah, Big Adams Morgan News – Blockbuster Closing at 1751 Columbia Rd, NW

Photo by flickr user Scott Clark. Ed. Note: There is an amazing selection of Blockbuster closing pictures on flickr…

Crazy, I just walked through Adams Morgan this weekend and hadn’t noticed signs that both Blockbuster was closing and Crooked Beat Records were moving. Fortunately The 42 did notice. He said that the Blockbuster closing sign went up yesterday and also noted that Crooked Beat Records will be moving from its current location at 2318 18th St, NW.

I guess this means I’ll finally have to set up that Netflix account…though I bet this’ll be a good opportunity to pick up some really cheap VHS cassettes before Blockbuster closes their doors for good.

Here’s a good list of your favorite films and favorite foreign films.

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  • Blockbuster has been in dire straits for years. For shoveling Will Ferell “comedies” and Micheal Bay generica down the colelctive throats of the unsuspecting public, they’ve reaped what they have sown.

  • I don’t think content has anything to do with it. It’s just that people prefer to get their fill of Will Ferell “comedies” and Micheal Bay generica through Netflix. That’s all.

    • Agreed. I haven’t gone to a Blockbuster since I got Netflix 5 years ago – I’d assume most of the brick and mortar Blockbusters will become obsolete. Anyone know how their online rental business is doing compared to Netflix?

      Sorry I’m not cool enough to only watch indie films, Jason.

  • The use of “Big News” in the headline seems a stretch with regard to a Blockbuster closing. The brick and mortar video store has been a dying breed for the last several years. This is just one of the last to go.

    Go ahead and do the Netflix and get a streaming Blu-Ray player while you’re at it — Netflix just got the rights to stream movies from three more production companies in the last couple of weeks, so expect that library to expand greatly.

    • I’m so excited for the expanded instant library! How does an individual movie make money off of that concept? I kind of feel bad when I watch an awesome movie through Netflix on my TiVo, because I feel like they aren’t getting any profit.

      • I wouldn’t worry about the movie industry. they’ll be fine. as long as they’re still paying Tom Cruise $20M+ per piece-of-sh-t movie, I don’t lose any sleep over it.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, fair enough, perhaps not big news to all but since I use this blockbuster it was big news to me!

  • VHS cassettes? Seriously?

  • feel bad? netflix has worked out some kind of payment to the movie industry for steaming movies. what u think its free for netflix? dummy.

    • No shit – I know they have to pay a blanket fee, but when you watch [insert movie name here], does that movie itself get royalties? Or does it all just go to the big name production company in a lump sum?

      By the way, hilarious mental image of steaming movies 🙂 (I know, I know, streaming, it was just funny)

      • You don’t have to know the particulars of the contract to know it’s an arrangement that will reap profits for all involved. Do you also worry the farmer who supplies apples to Giant isn’t being compensated fairly?

        • Yes, actually.. I mean, I don’t lose sleep over either of these things, it’s just a thought that has come up. I’m an engineer, not a businesswoman, so I truly am curious as to how that whole shindig works. It just doesn’t seem fair.

          But good point, that profits are probably aplenty for all.

          Man, now I remember why I stopped commenting on here.

    • Woooow…did you just refer to a poster as a “dummy”. Its amazing the mean inner thoughts of people that make their ways onto these blogs.

      • Haha yeah I’ve kinda gotten used to just ignoring these people who contribute nothing besides making me feel worthless.

        No, I really really thought that Netflix was getting these movies for free, out of the kindness of Hollywood’s heart! (this was to anon, not you, CA!)

  • It’s Blockbuster’s own fault for having “principles”. If only they’d added a Back Room, they could have stayed solvent for much longer. That’s how the mom and pop video stores did it.

  • I on the other hand enjoy going to physical stores and look for movies I have never seen before. Its hard to do that on netflix, specially since it gives you suggestions based on what you have seen, not what you havnt tried.

    Talk to people there etc..

    I have both netflix and BB

    Who remembers Vincent from Sienfeld?

  • PoP, you’re going to love Netflix! I’ve never looked back!
    I even created an account for my grandfather when he was stuck in the lame nursing home–he got to watch of his classic movies. He loved it too.

  • Blockbuster has a pretty decent internet delivery service so PoP, you can stay with Blockbuster, no worries.

  • Is anyone else who lives in Adams Morgan concerned with how many businesses are closing in the area. Not much left these days.

  • Columbia Road is most definitely in a state of decay. There is a giant space left from the CVS that’s moved, in addition to the sizable former discount store next to it (at 1700), which has been vacant for a few years now.
    Add this to the mix and I’d be worried about the economic development in Adams Morgan, especially considering the boom in Chinatown, H St NE, and the Convention Center area.

    It would be awesome if someone combined the CVS and the former discount store into something that took advantage of the huge footprint afforded by both. Copy of the Arlington Drafthouse model? Bowling alley? Roller rink? 🙂

    • Roller rink? Are you going to suggest a malt shoppe with a kicking jukebox next?

      • saf

        There used to be a roller rink there – it’s the Harris Teeter now.

        And personally, I would so love to see the Ontario as the beautiful theater it used to be once again.

      • i’d take the malt shoppe over the eyesore of the empty storefront that used to sell discount suitcases and stuffed animals. hell, at this point i’d take the chainiest of chain places over vacant storefronts. hello, brookstone flagship store!

    • Buggy whip and spats store.
      Actually, love the drafthouse theater idea.

  • Lots of brick-and-mortaR Blockbusters are closing so that is no surprise. They are moving more towards an online model ala Netflix.
    Not at all surprised that that particular Blockbuster is closing because when I lived in AM it had pretty much the worst and slowest service of any Blockbuster I had ever been to. I am surprised it lasted this long.

  • It has nothing to do with Adams Morgan decaying. It’s about resentment due to LATE FEES. That Blockbuster was at my bus stop, closer than the post box on my corner, and they would charge me late fees when I knew I had retunred the movies on time. I went NetFlix and never looked back. Blockbuster can stream to their hearts content but I wouldn’t give them a dime (unless they were the last movie rental place on earth.) Also, I love record stores, but who buys records or disks anymore?

  • It may not be “decaying” but I think “deflating” is a fair term to describe what’s happening there. I wouldn’t start to worry until the DWR store closes, because any neighborhood with that kind of retail ain’t doing bad.

    5 years ago, Shaw was too far east for a lot of people. Now the city’s starting to open up like a gargantuan flower, and that will inevitably cause some areas to experience some decline. Cycle of life.

  • also, netflix stock has never been higher.

  • This space below the Melwood Apartment House at Biltmore Street and on Columbia Road used to be a Grand Union Supermarket back in the day when there were three supermarkets, Safeway, Giant, and this Grand Union all along Columbia Road.

    Today we still have the Safeway and a new Harris Teeter in the neighborhood.

    It’d be great to have a third supermarket the neighborhood can now support.

    Adams Morgan is set for some major up scale change with the 18th Street Streetscape starting this Fall, and the five star Marriot/Ian Schraeger boutique Washington Edition Hotel just a block away is getting much closer:




    This shovel ready five star boutique hotel more than 80% there and forthcoming is certainly worthy of a post here.

  • Um, Tres, I don’t know how to tell you this but I walked by the DWR store a couple nights ago and it sure looked like it is closing. Anyone know anything about this? Could be they were just emptying out inventory but I’ve never seen the store so ….vacant.

    • That was quick. And Beige might be next!

      In retrospect, Georgetown, Logan, or U would been smarter places to put a DWR. It’ll be interesting to see how that boutique hotel effects the neighborhood’s identity. Adams has been defined by bars for so long… Can it grow up?

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