Beau Thai Open at NJ and R St, NW – Early Reviews In

There’s been a lot of anticipation about the opening of Beau Thai at the corner of NJ and R St, NW. We took a sneak peek at the menu here. So here’s the early word from a few readers:

“I stopped in for some dinner after work, and can at least say that the Pad Se Ew is delicious. They were only taking cash yesterday, but said they expected to be taking credit cards either today or tomorrow.”


“It was good. Nothing special, but very good. You really can’t get Thai food wrong though, I’ve never had inedible Thai food. The owner is the sister of Thai X-ing, they both learned to cook from their mother and are all originally from Thailand.”

Any other early reviews yet? Remember so far it is only take out but hopefully in Sept. sit down will be an option as well.

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  • The Drunken Noodles had just the right heat and the steamed dumplings were delicious! I liked that she wasn’t using Styrofoam; the containers were biodegradable/compostable. This is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood!

  • also, please note that they are cash only for the time being.

  • Had the Drunken noodle and the Red Curry, both were very good. Red Curry had a lot of flavor without too much heat. Hopefully there are no hurdles with the zoning hearing.

  • I live a block away and this is one of the best additions to the neighborhood with very limited food options!!! I had the chicken cashew and my wife had the green curry with tofu and they were both incredible. I can’t wait until they have patio or bar seating!!

  • Loved it…for being close, easy walk on the way home from work and the variety of dishes. Very happy to spend my cash here.

  • DELICIOUS! The steamed dumplings are life changing. I’ve now had the red curry chicken and the red curry duck, and both were awesome. The larb gai is also a standout. But really, everything I’ve had has been out of this world good. LOVE LOVE LOVE Beau Thai!!!!

  • man, too bad the ANCs suck. that big stretch of brick in front of the building is crying out for a patio seating area.

  • Ummm.. where did you see an application not supported by the ANC2C? To the contrary they unanimously supported the zoning change in July.

    Yeah, we get it you’re angry over anc5c’s Big Bear treatment.

  • LOVE BEAU THAI. we ordered the first night and they got some items wrong, but it wasnt a problem walking back to get the order right. First night jitters. The food was delicious, fresh and very flavorful. lots of veggie (tofu) options, which I really appreciated.

  • *LOVE*. My boyfriend and I went to look at apartments in the area and we ended up having lunch from Beau Thai. I have to be honest, the restaurant was added on to our “pros” list for moving to that part of town. We had the panang curry. The restaurant values making their dishes on the healthy side so they actually use soy milk in the place of coconut milk. I was nervous at first because I love dishes with coconut milk but the soy worked out perfectly!

    • seriously? soy milk instead of coconut milk?
      do they have brown rice too?

      • Soy milk? That’s like a flour-sack wedding dress. A significant part of the world’s population has thrived eons due to coconuts. Yeah – without the whole canoe-paddling fish-spearing lifestyle it might not be the best for daily fare – but really!

  • You can get brown rice for $2 extra.

  • Had the drunken noodle, which was incredibly good…nice clear chili and wok char flavor, and lots of basil. I plan on frequenting this place, especially as they appear to be one of the few DC Thai restaurants that can be bothered to use paper carryout containers instead of plastic or styrofoam. The prices were decent, and the service was fast.

  • i went for the first time last night.
    i forgot to ask for the brown rice.

    anyway it was fantastic. i was really pleased and impressed.
    i talked with the owner a bit and she said that they will be carry-out only until they can get the zoning changed. the hearing is set for september 20something. i asked if she needed neighborhood support and she said that she would have flyers with the information soon.
    ultimately they hope to have patio seating and a liquor license.
    this place is a freaking gem.

    i do have to say that i prefer the plastic carryout containers that places like royal thai and kenlaya use because they can be reused.

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