Shooting at 915 Spring Rd NW around 1pm

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Just received this alert from MPD:

“4D units are on the scene of a shooting 915 Spring Rd NW. At this time we have one Teenage suspect suffering from a gun shot wound to the hand. His injury appear to be a Non-life threatening injury

All we have at this time for a lookout is Black Male wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans 140 lbs Approx 17 yrs medium complexion. Armed with a dark colored hand gun

Last seen leaving westbound from Spring Road

Updates will follow as we additional information

Anyone with information to this crime please call 1 888 919 CRIME or (202) 727 909”

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  • Yes, isn’t this the same block where we were just discussing a <$.5M GDoN?

  • For a variety of reasons, these mid-day shootings are incredibly disturbing to me.

    PoP – where do you sign up for alerts like this?

    I get all of the AlertDC updates, but I’d love to be able to know about stuff like this. Street closings near the mall are helpful and all, but this is violence very close to home.

  • I think this shooting took place on the Raymond Elementary playground and that the victim was a 17y/o Latino male.

  • there has to be a gang war going on between the latino and african americans or something. a latin guy got shot across the street from my house on 11th street this past saturday. There were two shootings on 13th and Park. and so many more further north in CH.

    Can’t wait for school to start so some of these kids will be occupied for some of the day.

  • WTF? I teach there! 🙁

    If the gang violence in the area doesn’t improve, they’re going to shut my school down… And it’s not a bad school. Rah!

    • I’m a little concerned that the school is expanding to 8th grade this year. The 6th graders never seem to cause a whole lot of trouble, but we all know that 7th and 8th graders are the scourge of the earth.

      I live right nearby, and in general – yes, a lot of people hang out in the rec center and playground, but most of them are doing just that…hanging out. It’s not a crime to hang out in a city rec center, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. I’m a proponent of continuing to use the facilities and walk through – make sure that no one thinks that the park/rec center is “theirs.”

      To MPD’s credit, they often spend time sitting in the parking lot near Raymond to write reports, etc.

  • white t-shirt and jeans. roger that. Will be on the lookout for a black male in a white t-shirt and jeans. let’s hope I can find one. Seriously though, that fashion combo has to the greatest trend criminals ever latched onto.

  • Wow – I saw that guy like 10 times this morning. He’s everywhere! Lord help us.

  • Another escaped Ward of DYRS I’m sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid likely has a 5 year or better rap sheet, but is let out at will or is able to simply walk out while ‘security’ watches ESPN.

  • new shooting…hot off the presses…ha ha ha it would be hilarious if it went on to say “suspect was found dead 2 blocks away. cause was asphyxiation.”

    Important Alert from DCRSAN


  • Can we please vote out Phil Mendhelson and get someone with balls to run the Public Safety committee who may actually do something about youth violence? How many more people have to die?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    MPD updates:

    “The Detective are still looking into witnesses’ story. Most involved, to include the victim has not been very cooperative. At this point, the subject is ok and appears will survive his injury. Other than that, there is not much more to report. Nothing additional, but we will keep the community informed.”

    • I also received bad word-of-mouth info on the victim – he is African American, not Latino.

    • Hmmm. Maybe he’s not being cooperative because he accidentally shot himself.

    • “the victim has not been very cooperative”
      that’s infuriating.

      • Victims are often non-cooperative – usually a combination of not trusting the police, desire for retaliation/street justice instead of the slow and unpredictable judicial system. A lot of it’s just the standard bs ‘no snitching’ thing though.

        • uh. yeah. clearly.
          and that means its less infuriating somehow? not to me.

        • The ‘no snitching’ is applied to police informants — people who are offered a deal in exchange for information.

  • Violent Youth Offender Registry Now!

  • It is a shame that these punk kids are ruling what should be a gem of the neighborhood (Raymond Rec.). The park is trashed daily by these little jerks that have no respect for themselves or the neighborhood. Too many people keep making excuses for their behavior. I say waterboard the victim.

  • I know this is off subject a little, but the bruce monroe site is looking great, but i’m scared that its going to be a prime spot to shoot people.

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