Capital Bikeshare Proposed Locations Released by DDOT

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You can see the full map here and eventually find more info here but already some are not happy. On the Columbia Heights listserv one resident notes:

“In our whole neighborhood – and I’m including Park View, Pleasant Plains and Petworth for good measure, a huge part of residential NW – there are four stations: one at DC USA at 14th/Irving. There’s one at 11th/Monroe. There’s one at the Petworth Branch Library at Georgia/Kansas. And there’s one at Rock Creek Church/Warder.

That’s it! Nothing at Meridian Hill Park. Nothing at Howard University. Nothing on Georgia between Kansas and Florida Aves. Nothing on 14th between Irving and U Streets or 11th between Monroe and U. No station at the Washington Hospital Center, or the Banneker Pool, or the new Bruce-Monroe Park. Nothing at all in southern Columbia Heights.”

Do you think the Columbia Heights/Park View/Pleasant Plains and Petworth neighborhoods are being underserved? How ’bout the rest of the city?

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  • You think Columbia Heights is being underserved? Look at Capitol Hill/H Street east of Lincoln Park

  • not a single one in the Arboretum!?!

  • Is this different from Smartbike? And if so, why have two incompatible systems?

  • DDOT explicitly said that they’re starting the program by concentrating the stations around the city’s core and expanding from there. There should be some slight tweaks, to be sure, but don’t expect your low-density neighborhood to be inundated with bike stations. I think much of this was based on surveys (that I participated in) asking where you would want bike stations. This type of system has to go where the demand is, not where there *might* be demand. That said, there had better be one at Friendship Heights. It’s one of the highest-density areas in DC (and yes, half is in MD, but what does it matter?).

  • Nothing at Meridian Hill Park. Just a proposed station at Columbia and 16th, which is two blocks north of Meridian Hill Park. Oh, and the one at New Hampshire and 16th, two blocks to the South.

    Nothing at Howard University. Well, except for the proposed station at Georgia and Euclid.

    Nothing on Georgia between Kansas and Florida Avenues, well, except for the Georgia and Euclid station above, as well as a station at Rock Creek Church and Georgia, which is mislabeled as Warder on the map.

    Nothing on 14th between Irving and U Streets or 11th between Monroe and U. Which form a rectangle that’s about one mile by one half mile, such that if you’re in that area, you’re not any farther than a 3/4 mile walk from any bike station.

    In terms of proposed stations in the Petworth/Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant area, there are additional stations in Mount Pleasant, all over Adams Morgan, at 14th and Spring NW, etc.

    Trust me – Columbia Heights is hardly underserved.

  • I think it’s crazy that the entire “Streetscape” boondoggle at 14th Street and Park was done without ANY bike lanes ANYWHERE. Why put a bikeshare location there? It’s completely unfriendly to bikes—you have to either ride on the sidewalk or in the middle of the street.

    • or you could just go to 11th st…

    • true, you could go over to 11th, but jae’s point is that they went to such great and painful (to local residents) lengths to reconfigure that whole stretch of 14th and didn’t put in bike lanes. (I’m taking jae’s word for this, as I haven’t been over there for a while).

      Add to this that the city then puts in a bike share at DCUSA. Makes no planning sense. Seems like the city’s left hand doesn’t know what its right hand is doing?

      Another, more jaded perspective is that they just didn’t think of it. Money well spent…

      • Just because it doesn’t have a painted bike lane doesn’t mean the community, planners, and engineers don’t know what they’re doing in regards to bikes. With better traffic flow (which will come when people are more accustomed to the changes), narrower lanes, and the traffic calming effects of wide sidewalks, on-street parking, trees, and lots of pedestrian activity – I expect 14th will be a LOT more friendly to cyclists. Well, when the construction finally ends, that is.

        • I do see that the roads around there aren’t fully striped yet. Are we sure there won’t be bike lanes? There is a bike lane on northbound 14th St but it stops at CVS (meaning it stops at the point where they haven’t finished lane markings, in the Target block and northwards). The block next to Tivoli might be tight but could still work. I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be bike lanes.

    • …you could just not ride your bike.

  • When will I be able to access these bikes with my smartrip card? I’m not interested in paying a monthly fee when I wont be using it very often

    • I think you can use your credit card. “There will be three levels of memberships: an annual membership for $80; a monthly membership for $30; and a day membership for $5,” according to DDOT.

  • I’m excited for all these new locations! As a current smartbike user, this is going to be a great expansion.

  • What do people do about helmets when using shared bikes? Is there a helmet law in DC? Do you just carry around your own?

    • Children up to some age are required – adults aren’t in DC. WABA has some good info on that.

      Even though it’s not required, think about a watermelon dropping onto the pavement from that height. Now think about your head… ?

  • I would love some bikes in Woodley Park.

  • I would like to make a suggestion. Is the public comment period open, and how do I get my recommendation to folks who will listen?

    Well, if anyone is listening…please take the station at 7th and T NW and move it closer to Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park. Then, add another at the library under construction on Rhode Island between 7th and 8th Streets, NW. There seems to be a large hole along Rhode Island northeast of Logan Circle in the Shaw/Cordozo neighborhood.

  • I wish there was one in that black hole of public transit near the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.

    • That’s all National Park Service land – I heard they refused to work with DDOT on this in anything approaching a timely manner. That’s why, although neighborhood parks and traffic circles seem like a great place for these stations, we probably won’t see them there since they’re almost all NPS land. Same goes from WMATA – why you won’t see them directly adjacent to Metro stations, but perhaps a block or two away.

  • The map looks good to me, very sensible at first glance. A few of the stations I suggested made it! Thanks to DDOT for a promising start to SmartBike’s worthy successor.

  • I’m really glad to see Petworth has two locations! Not sure how the system will work, but I assume it means residents could pick up a bike at the Petworth metro on the way home in the evening, then ride it back in the morning. Esp. for those who live north of Grant Circle and walk to the metro everyday, it could be very useful.

    • Actually that wouldn’t be too feasible. The idea of this is not to check out a bike for a long period of time. Once you get your membership for a day or month or year, each time you check out a bike, the first 30 minutes are free. The rates rise very steeply after 30 minutes.

      The idea is to pick up a bike at a station, ride it to another station and return it, then do your errand or go to eat or work or whatever. When you are ready to go back you pick up a new bike at the station and then ride it back to your beginning point. This way bikes don’t have to be locked up to poles and trees with a chance of them being stolen. It also keeps bikes from being unavailable to someone else while you’re not using it.

      • Ah, ok, I get it. And I checked out the info online, I saw about the tiered pricing. Certainly won’t work for overnight, never mind my comments :).

  • Or is there a restriction about keeping a bike overnight?

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