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  • I know he’s considered washed up these days, but the kid in me would have been very excited to meet him after watching him play for the Atlanta Braves back in the late 90’s. Remember when everyone thought he was going to be the next Ken Griffy Jr?

  • He was really good for a while. He’s not far behind Chipper Jones in career HR count, though well behind in average. He’s doing somewhat better this year than a couple years ago, so maybe he can extend his career a few more years. Maybe Andruw should do like Chipper and talk a lot about retirement, then he’ll go on an RBI tear.

  • Good Guy, Horrible Speller.

  • Nice of him? Absolutely. But The Mayflower always has “professional” autograph and memorabilia seekers waiting outside (especially for hockey, as it’s the Caps suggested hotel for away teams). These guys aren’t plucky kids hoping for a signature, they’re for profit nerds adding to their for sale collections.

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