Is This Dog Really Happy or Really Sad?


I think I once showed these dogs from Columbia Heights back in the day. But I couldn’t take my eyes off them last weekend. I’m curious what you guys think because they seem very content to me. How long should dogs stay in a vestibule before it starts to be cruel?

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  • The worst is the plumbing office on Sherman and Girard that has three or four large Malamutes in a fenced parking lot . Sometimes you can see one of them on top of the plumbing vans,

  • Dogs are den animals and actually like to spend a lot of time laying around sleeping, so I think the number of hours is less important than the quality of the space, the needs of the particular dog, and overall quality of care. If there’s access to water, food, shade, a toy or two, somewhere to “relieve” oneself, a comfortable place to curl up, and enough room to walk a few laps, and if the dog gets plenty of exercise and loving attention when its people are around, I think it’s fine to pen a dog for most of the day.

    When my last dog was a pup, I was advised that his breed was impossible to potty train without a crate, so I left him in a (spacious) crate pretty much 24/7, except for play time, and I always felt that he was completely happy there and entered the crate voluntarily.

    On the other hand, I’ve definitely seen dogs in the neighborhood that were NOT penned properly – specifically, with no shade or water during the summer.

  • those two dogs do not have water in that vestibule and the one is always barking. that is my main concern with the dogs being there.

    i understand what brad says, but i really just do not understand why people get two big dogs such as the ones in the vestibule, and they leave them out there all day. the one dog seems annoyed that the other one is always barking. why not just leave them inside?

  • I’ve run into these dogs while walking my dogs – their owner will take them down the street without leashes, they’ll run toward my (small) dog, my dog freaks, and the woman with these dogs will yell something like, “Oh, don’t worry! They’re friendly!” They may be friendly, but put them on a freakin leash! Drives me nuts.

    • YES! This is the worst habit. Just because YOUR dog is friendly doesn’t mean mine is, or one of many other reasons your dog shouldn’t be barreling full speed ahead towards us. My dog just got knee surgery, and I can’t tell you the amount of times I broke into a cold sweat when we were outside trying to do PT and dogs would come running up or their owners would run over and say, “Wanna say HI?” without asking my permission. The ones that did ask my permission would be very snide when I politely said, “No, I’d prefer to keep them separate, thanks.” I could just imagine my dog leaping at him to play and tearing open his stitches. Ridiculous. Leash it up, people!

  • These Samoyeds live right across the street from me. Most of the time, they are barking at my dog across the street and mine is barking right back! Either that, or they howl at the fire trucks and ambulances since our street is an emergency route. These dogs are completely fine in the vestibule and enjoy the people watching. Their owner is friendly with everyone in the neighborhood and takes very good care of them. In fact, there was actually a 3rd dog up until last year when he passed.

  • i live on this street… these dogs are great. their owner is right there when they go out, and she picks up their poop. its the guy across the street with the two golden retrievers (who lets them out every morning and stands by his door while they take MASSIVE dumps which i then proceed to step in ON MY WAY to work when i am half asleep and then i have terrible smelling feet all day no matter how many times i wipe my shoes with wet paper towels in the bathroom and then i almost throw up. seriously. there is like a mine field of pancaked brown poops with Adidas shoe tread in them right next to that ruby tuesdays) who is the problem.

  • The guy with the goldens is gone — he moved. Thank goodness. He never picked up a single poop in 5 years!

  • The dog in the photo has a lot more to do than a dog in a house, people and car watch all day! As long as the temperature is not too high (and there is shade) I don’t see the issue. I have a few dogs of my own and would love the ability to give them more fresh-air time during the day (without being worried they are going to be stolen and used as bait in a dog fighting ring).

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