Dear PoP – 10th and U Metro Entrance Possibly to Close

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“Dear PoP,

One of WMATA’s proposals for balancing the budget is to close the 10th and U Street entrance to the green line on weekends. This and other proposals on the link below are up for public comment until Wednesday, January 27th. Would you please post this on your website, in case your readers would like to object to (or support) the metro entrance closure?”

“Written comments may be e-mailed to [email protected] or sent to the Office of the Secretary, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, 600 Fifth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001. Please reference Hearing Number 547. Submissions must be received by the close of the hearing on Wednesday, January 27.”

While we discussed service cuts vs. a 10 cents fare increase, how do folks feel about closing metro entrances?

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  • How much money could this possibly save, I wonder? This wouldn’t impact me since I live near 15th St., but it would be pretty annoying for people who live closer to Shaw.

  • It’s just three blocks, is only on the weekends (so no problem for the typical job commute), and is obviously the lesser used entrance. I’d rather they do this than cut service or raise fares even more.

  • It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s a pain. I live at 9 and V, so this means I have to trek even farther just to catch the metro. Kind of annoying, when one of the reasons I like the condo is that it’s so close to the metro.

  • I’d think the bars & Ethiopian restaurants down on that end of U St and on 9th St would be upset about this. I mean, treking from 13th St isn’t the biggest deal in the world and their loyal customers will do it, but it makes their location suddenly less convenient, with no corresponding drop in rent, and might cause a drop off in business.

    • or people could just get off at shaw, which is just about the same distance anyway.

      • Agreed, this is a very useless stop.

        • Agreed. But of the 86 stations most of which have more than one entrance, they choose the U st metro which serves a well-frequented business district (on both exits). Also, let’s not forget it’s also named after the Memorial which it will no longer serve (not very directly at least) on weekends.

  • How about just turning off the escalators in the stations during off-peak hours instead? (or maybe just at the 10 and U entrance) Imagine how much money that would save, as opposed to closing one door. Plus a lot of people in this town could use a few more seconds of exercise. Just station paramedics at the top of Woodley Park though.

  • how do folks feel about closing metro entrances?

    i find it demoralizing.
    it makes me sad for our city.
    it makes me angry that metro employees make so much money.

    it makes me feel that management at metro is inept.
    it makes me want to drive my car more.
    it makes me want to walk more
    which makes me think about how unsafe our streets are
    it makes me wish that the us troops would come and invade DC, to rebuild our infrastructure, bring us democracy and stability.

  • One would think the 930 Club would have something to say about this since it would limit weekend access to the club.

    • It wouldn’t limit weekend access to the club, it would just require people to walk 3 extra blocks. It’s not like people would stop coming to the club b/c the 10th st. exit is closed.

  • I think it is important to note that they’d only be closing late at night and on weekends, so this wouldn’t affect commuters.

    Also, i think it can save a sizable amount of money because they typically have staff at each entrance and labor is one of Metro’s highest costs.

  • It’s 1 entrance for 2 days of the week. I think everyone will survive the extra 4 blocks. It means they don’t have to staff the booth. Which at >$70/hr for someone to sleep, is quite a savings. I think on Unsuck DC Metro the number came in around $0.5M in savings.

  • If it really would save half a million, then I suppose it’s fine, though it’s annoying enough that lately on weekends they have been shutting off the escalators, which I only seem to discover when I’m lugging a suitcase down there to take metro to National. Given all the escalator outages lately, I’m more and more inclined to cab it to the airport.

  • Why do they have to staff both entrances? Couldn’t a sign at the 10th St. booth direct customers to the 13th St. entrance if they needed assistance from a live person?

    • ah

      Because you’re not going to get assistance anyway? 😉

      They’re also there nominally to monitor paying fares and letting people out if necessary.

  • They should have smart card only turnstyles that don’t allow you to jump the gate… then you wouldn’t need someone in the booth at both stops. If you don’t have a smartcard, you have to go to the other entrance… or if you have a problem you go to the other entrance (as noted above). The problem is retrofitting the stations will require further capital expenditures.

    As for the buses, I think bus stops are too close to each other on several routes (maybe all of them), the bus starting and stopping every two blocks to pick up two or three people on the weekends makes little sense. 16th and 14th are especially bad. Every other block through Columbia Heights.

  • I say go for it. These are tough economic times, and most states are making major cuts to services — DC and the metro can’t possibly be any different. I’d prefer they do little things like close 1 of 2 exits than raise fares.

    • Even if people jump the stiles, Metro employees can’t necessarily do anything about it. They’re not cops, after all.

      I know this because a woman once slid in behind me through the stiles to avoid swiping a metrocard. I informed a metro employee of this, and he said that there was nothing he could do about it, and that I should tell the police.

  • I agree. I would much rather walk a few more blocks on the weekends to get to the 9th and U area than pay more for every ride. Additionally, there are many busses that go past the east exit of the U street metro and run fairly regularly.

  • I guess the inconvenience would depend on what other measures WMATA takes on weekends to save money. Another proposal is to increase wait times between trains (up to 30 minutes!). If you add the extra 3 blocks walk time to a potential half hour wait, the metro no longer seems like a great way to get around.

  • Its sad that the Metro Board is so determined not to raise fares a few pennies that they are willing to sacrifice the utility of the sytem. The message this action sends is that Metro is really only for 9-5 job commuters and anyone else is an afterthought. Raise the fares by a quarter and provide first class service already!

  • The one good thing about the house I live in is that it is across the street from this metro entrance. If they close it I am just gonna snap. Maybe they should just cut a zero from the Metro Board’s salaries.

  • This is a stupid idea. Part of the so called “savings” from this will be offset by people just using the train less.

  • Part of the reason we purchased out home was proximity to this stop. As a woman, I do not want to walk from 13th & U by myself on the weekend evenings. I stopped going to the Shaw exit after continued crime.

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