Washington, DC


Bloomingdale has been teased with the arrival of a neighborhood bar for years. Many thought that Baraki to be located at 1st and T Streets, NW would be the answer. Baraki’s opening has been delayed for months and there is no indication that it will open any time soon. On Twitter, there is some talk that Big Bear Cafe (1st and R) has applied or will apply for a liquor license though I didn’t see an application in the window when I walked by last weekend. But what I did learn was even more exciting. I ran into the owner of the soon to be Rustik Neighborhood Tavern to be located at 1832 1st Street, NW.

The owner, Diton Pashaj, told me that there are still a few hurdles to clear and some construction to be completed but his description sounds like just what many residents of Bloomingdale are craving. He hopes the space will be ready to open in May. He are some details:

“Yes, we will have food

Yes, we will do brunch

Happy hour…check

Yes we will have outdoor seating

Jukebox…no problem

Yes, it will be a cozy, neighborhood bar

Yes, we will have many delicious kinds of draft beer, and a wine or two for you wine lovers

Yes, we will be active participants in the Bloomingdale community”


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