Burritos Fast Open Again in Mt. Pleasant!


Back in December we learned that Burritos Fast located at 3213 Mount Pleasant St NW, had closed. I’m happy to report that they have reopened on Saturday. They are still serving burritos and will remain Burritos Fast, the space looks identical to before closing, though the name could change in the future.

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  • any more details? Are there new owners or are the old ones having another go of it? As a resident I like the place and think it can work. I even like the name. But how but some nice new signage. A paint job. maybe some other small upgrades to clean it up inside. Offer a tofu burrito. get some outdoor seating. Work with the community to get a beer and wine license. serve a couple of cervesas. Little things like this could make Burritos Fast a MTP staple.

  • “get some outdoor seating. Work with the community to get a beer and wine license. serve a couple of cervesas”

    I can tell you’re new here. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    • Well I was born and raised in DC. Though not in MTP. I have lived here for quite some time now. I’m well aware of laurie collins and co. But she seems to have moved to the shadows after being called out numerous times for hurting the neighborhood she no longer even lives in. And the community has been trying to get the word out recently that we are open to change. Don Juans recently was allowed to add outdoor seating. hopefully Marx will have their roofdeck approved as well. And while I’m sure some residents wouldnt want to add another liqour licsense to the mix. It would only be beer and wine. And if it helps a local business DO business and prevent another empty store front on MTP street. I think the support may surprise you.

      • i only saw the seating outside Don Jauns a couple times and then it seems to have disapeared…?? really dont see how you can state that mt pleasnt is open to change…??

        • The original comment seemed funny for its naivete. Don Juans had outdoor seating 7 days a week but it wasn’t used much.

          She told a friend that she fully backed out of Mt Pleasant once and for all and will never come back.

          However, I am not aware that there have been any positive moves outside the Don Juans seating since her backing away.

          I am friends with many of her friends and neighbors and there’s a long story there but it seems that she has moved on with her life on many fronts and I for one hope she gets to her happy place in life. Unfortunately people needed to drag her name through the mud before she woke up to the real results of years of her actions. She was very myopic and focused on the least important details of living on Mt Pleasant St where she almost singlehandedly created a street that bothered her and she hated. Note to self, never buy a house that faces a commercial block.

  • Hopefully it’s new management. Went there once and found no real reason to go back, with burritos from TDF and Chipotle available nearby.

  • tofu burrito? outdoor seating? I’d be happy if they simply took credit cards.

  • The food here is vomit inducing. If anything they need a new cook. Hopefully new management is on the case.

  • How about the cook uses some salt & Pepper? Laurie is no longer involved in the hood so FYI.

  • Laurie is no longer involved in the hood so FYI.

    Although I’m not confident that this means there will be less hostility when it comes to talking about the future of Mt. Pleasant Street, it’s good news.

  • I’m sorry, but Burritos Fast just wasn’t that good. If it just reopens as it was, I assume it’ll likely fail again.

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