Judging Buildings – 902 T Street, NW


It’s nice to see the building at 9th and T Streets, NW all fixed up again. This building had been in disrepair for many years. It is interesting to note that this building is of historical significance as well. Cultural Tourism DC says:

“Location: 902 T Street, NW

The Washington Conservatory of Music and School of Expression, founded in 1903 by concert pianist and educator Harriet Gibbs Marshall (1868-1941), was one of the city’s earliest institutions promoting the arts for children and adults. Marshall worked to inspire and train African American musicians and to encourage them to create and embrace their own heritage of concert music…

The Conservatory began to decline after Marshall’s death in 1941, and it closed in 1960. In 2004 the building is in disrepair.”

The renovation will feature condos. Sad that the school had to close but I’m happy the property has finally been fixed up.


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  • It’s so nice to see the building renovated!

  • Heads up – Ping Pong Dim Sum coming to Penn Quarter in Dec.

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  • This building looks good in the photo but go see it in person and really look at it. The finishes look kind of cheap. The porch is not substantial enough for this particular house and they should have repointed the brick before they painted it over. You can tell its just a patch job in some places. I don’t know if city considers this a historic home but I thought you couldn’t repaint brick that hadn’t been painted before on those type of houses. I could not go inside but some of the neighbors were not happy with the finishes. I’m very glad to see the building fixed up though.

  • It’s great to see that properties like this are undergoing rebirths all over DC. It should help the ongoing growth of the DC real estate market, as well as the growth of a number of neighborhoods throughout the city.

  • I agree with MK – I live on the block, and it just looks really thrown together, with no respect for the building or the history it holds.

    But still, it’s better than having it be vacant.

  • To see what it looked like prior to renovation go to:


    and type in 1902 T Street NW. It is a huge contrast.

  • Oops to my comment above. To see what it looked like prior to renovation go to:


    and type in 902 T Street NW. It is a huge contrast.

  • Also in the hood, been watching the rebuilding take place, and it is not a quality job (as pointed out by MK & Sammy). It looks really bad – joints don’t fit well on the woodwork; the windows are especially terrible. I’ve only seen the inside through the open windows as the work was taking place, and it looked shoddy inside as well. Could have been such a beautiful thing, but it is better now than as a boarded up rat condo.

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