Dear PoP – Random Walking Guy and CH Metro Police Chase

Watching McGruff
Photo by PoPville Flickr user Matt.Dunn

There must have been some bad mojo in the air last Friday…

“Dear PoP,

Have you, on your extensive walks, come across a man of this description? He walks around fully decked out for an urban trek, with many layers of tan/khaki/greenish clothes, a walking stick, and a backpack. He’s got a full head of hair and possibly a beard, and looks pretty pleasant. Today he had two metal rods of some sort sticking out of the top of his backpack.

I’ve seen him around Mt. Vernon Square before, but today I saw him when I was running up 14th toward U. I ask because of this – he was approaching me on the sidewalk, and as I ran toward him I said excuse me, like I do, and instead of making adequate room for two to share the sidewalk, he veered in my direction, forcing me into a bush, all with his strange mildly pleasant look on his face. I had headphones on, so I can’t be positive, but I don’t think he said anything (I keep them very low – city running and all). I’m fine – just bruised and scraped up my hip, where I hit big branches – but mostly a little weirded out. Just wondering if you knew anything about this guy.”

Wow, that’s insane. I don’t think I’ve ever passed this guy before. Does this description sound familiar to anyone else?

“Dear PoP,

At about 6pm today (Friday, Oct. 23) I got off the metro at 14th and Irving– tired from work and with my ipod on I was a little zoned out but heard lots of sirens which isn’t completely out of the ordinary. Next thing I know a kid, probably 16 or 17, sprints by me holding a backpack– again I don’t note anything too odd until I suddenly hear shouting and am shoved (nicely but forcefully) into one of the big construction cones on Irving. About 6 police officers on foot proceed to sprint by me in pursuit of the kid who had turned down an ally. The officers were quickly followed by about 4 of 5 marked and unmarked squad cars.

Any word on what may have happened?”

This is the first I’ve heard about this incident. Was anyone else by the CH Metro when this went down? Anyone know if the kid was caught?

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  • I think the urban trekker guy, who is homeless, has set up shop at 14th and S, or at least he was there this past weekend. Of course, I’m not totally certain it’s the same guy.

  • What’s the moral of these stories??

    Put the damn ipod away when you walk in the hood!!!!

  • Regarding the CH incident on Friday.
    I was at Marshall’s when security had 3 young guys in custody and was chasing the 4th. The 4th one tried leaving using the alarmed door in the back. As I was leaving the store, an MPD officer began chasing a young guy out the DCUSA doors onto the street and to the CH Metro.

  • The person in the second story missing the opportunity to be the hero bodychecker like we had a couple of months ago.

  • i know what happened it’s called living in dc pull yer head outta yer ass and shove them back good lord

  • My cousin works at the Target at DCUSA. He tells me that the theft is rampant. People stealing bikes, deodorant, soap. Even alcohol pads. Someone literally hopped on a bike and rode it out the store. I bet the Target’s theft or slippage is enormous. That is the shame of it all. The Target opened and could have been a beacon of employment for the many people that live on 13th-14th & Columbia Road. Yet, many of the employees at Target are not even longtime residents. I guess they rather steal from it than work there.

  • Many stores in DC seem to be shoplifting academies. Any Safeway when school gets out is a thieving madhouse it seems, though I confess I stopped going to DC grocery stores long ago as the mice and rats were giving me the stinkeye. Yes I know Whole Foods and Yes are better quality but they’re not in my hood.

  • I have had a guy veer into me as I was walking before, seemingly on purpose. Couldda been the same guy. It was weird.

  • (1) sounds like this urban veer-er needs to be clocked. Perhaps by the sidewalk minibiker.

    (2)nate~ Somebody would steal Jesus if he weren’t nailed to the cross. There is always theft in stores. In a former life I worked in a grocery store (meats & cigs were the favorites lifted) and a makeup store (everything). You have insiders, outsiders and a combo. Target still brings jobs to honest people. Poor/black/teenagers aren’t the only ones that steal. They need to put those 3m filters behind the counter and ration them out like Sudafed b/c I can never find them.

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