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How do you think the new bike station located right outside Union Station, turned out? I think it looks super cool? I know I’ll be called daft, obtuse and more but can someone please explain the purpose to me. Who will use this? Bikers from outside of DC who then will take the metro to work?

And of course do you like the structure itself?


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  • Wow, that is one expensive bike rack!

  • Where the hell is the entrance?

  • a quick google search provides information that shows it’ll be more than just a “bike rack,” dcpublius. check out this press release.

    sorry if i come across as daft, obtuse, or something more. 😛

  • Here’s some more info for readers: http://tinyurl.com/qcoxrm

  • Great idea! Changing rooms, bike repair, bike and parts sales, monitored bike parking, for only 20 bucks a year. I like it. Would you be guaranteed a parking space if you were a member, or is it first come first served?

  • While I think DC needs to do even more to promote alternative modes of transportation, and while the location is good, I think the architect should have gone with a different design that doesn’t clash so much with the stately look of Union Station. The new modern trend in building throughout the city just isn’t doing it for me. Give me stately Dupont or Kalorama rowhouses over the new sleek modern stuff anyday….

  • Did they change the pricing structure? According to the FAQ I saw from DDOT it said $1 a day or $100 for an annual membership. I think I heard it’s also going to be run by the bike rental company Bike And Roll [formerly Bike The Sites].

  • I am waiting to see how it blends when the landscaping and building are finished. I used to park my bike in that cluster of bike racks and the area looked hideous with many abandoned/mangled bikes in old-fashioned racks.

  • conservative: i wholly disagree with you. i think that a historicist structure, made to look like it was part of the original station, would detract from the beauty of the original building.

    this structure, on the other hand, has clean, elegant lines, and stands apart from the station, without being a glaring attention-grabber. it allows union station to remain the center of focus, while cleaning up the periphery (which was a horrible mess of bike racks before this was built).

  • i’m with imgoph. i love the look of it against union station. and i LOVE union station.

  • why not ride your bike to a metro station and ride it with your bike to work? Why bike to a metro station?

  • @andy: because bikes are not allowed on the metro during peak hours.

  • I think this will be most useful for those who work in DC [but not near a Metro stop] and live in the suburbs/exurbs. I know a few folks who take Metro in from the last stops on the red or green line and then pick up the ‘beater bike’ they have locked up at a station here. This wasn’t really feasible at Union Station before because their ‘security’ couldn’t or wouldn’t take any steps to provide anything resembling security of the bike parking area. Thieves would commonly just cut bike frames in half and leave you with nothing but your ’empty’ lock secured to the rack.

  • Yep! Bike and Roll Washington DC will be operating the bikestation and will offer rentals, repair and retail (and tours starting next spring). We’re super excited for our new location!

    Personally, I think the design of the structure is fantastic. i just wish we had even more space for commuters and for our portion…

    @The Rat King: the entrance is the one the side closer to Union Station; there is one entrance into the bike parking and one into the rental/retail/repair shop (and one between the two)

    @voiceofreason & ontarioroader; Bike Parking is $30/ten days; $32/month; $116/yr. Unfortunately, members are not guarenteed a spot – it is first come first served.

  • thanks! i didn’t know that. (clearly bike people would.)

  • It cost like 4 million or something and it looks awful next to Union Station. What a waste of tax payers’ money. I ride a bike and totally understand the need for these, but $4m?

  • better they should have parked it next to mccain’s senate building where he can see the need for transportation funding.

    i like it, i like the looks, i like how it looks against union station.

    p.s. can we please not talk about “waste of tax payers’ money” until we include WAR and some members of CONGRESS?

  • Super useful for people commuting on the Marc

  • Gorgeous. Good to see DC gets it, architecturally speaking, every once in awhile …

  • Oh, it’s more expensive than the website leads you to believe. Those prices would discourage me, especially if I pay all that money and I’m not guaranteed a parking spot.

  • I’ve been puzzling over this thing for as long as its been under construction. I had the impression it was supposed to replace all the other bike parking (not big enough) or just provide some weather protection for parked bikes (too involved.) But now I get the business opportunity. I think it is great that the service will be offered. I won’t ever use it but I like that it is an option.
    All over DC we need:
    1. every 20th or so on street parking spot converted to bike parking
    2. Each one of those provided w some simple weather protection like the existing bus shelters
    3. more of these alternative solutions like the bikestation.
    4. A gazillion more miles of bike lanes. I am astounded that the new park rd construction in CH doesnt include a bike lane for instance.

  • Eek. Did taxpayer money really go to build a bike station that a company in California will profit from?

    And they better continue the free bike parking at Union Station! I’m not gonna may 3 bucks to keep my bike protected from the rain.

  • Does that surprise you? This kind of thing happens all the time in towns like this, unfortunately.

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