Dear PoP – News from Irving and Warder!

the ex-J&K

“Dear PoP,

There is an old store on the corner of Irving and Warder- you once featured it in your “Capturing Cool Signs” feature within the past year.

Anyways, after many evenings on our porch wishing that it would reopen, it looks like it is!

There has been renovation going on there for the past 3 weeks, 7 days a week. After work last Thursday I popped in to talk to the construction guys. They told me that it was in fact going to be a new store and it would be opening in 2 weeks!

I am super stoked about this and I know our friends in Park View will be as well.”

Great news for this section of Park View!  And thanks to IntangibleArts for providing the great photos.

Before renovations:


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  • True, they’ve been working like crazy people on that, making wicked progress. All great. But two weeks?!?! They’re still down to conduits & studs in there. I figure they wouldn’t even be ready to stock shelves in 2 weeks….. but hey…. I’m beyond psyched about this.

    What it’s lacking in Georgia Ave frontage, it’ll gain with loyal neighborhoodies. Lots of foot-traffic from folks that work at the hospital as well. I’ll do my part, even if it’s just a weekly bag of BBQ Utz…

  • …should’ve said “What it’s lacking in NOT having Georgia Ave. frontage….”
    jibberish was my first language. Evidently.

  • Understood perfectly what you meant IA. Nice reportage!

  • I can’t take credit for reportage, just the pix.
    Now I suddenly must have BBQ Utz.
    Cue high-speed film playback & Benny Hill music…

  • We love right up the street from this store and we are equally as excited to see the progress. Quick clarification — is it going to be a convenience store, sandwich shop or coffee shop? Any specifics? Although we are happy and ready to patronize, two weeks does seem a little ambitious.
    Thanks for the update!

  • As long it’s not, in the words of neighbor Chambers, a “bullet proof carryout,” I’ll be happy. Doesn’t have to beEthiopian coffee or wines. But it would be nice to get a good cup of Joe, some non-stale munchies at a good price, some itch cream and cotton balls etc etc. And some premium beer

  • Um… “itch cream”? Does Park View have a chaffing problem? Or is there some other meaning to Morgan’s “take out crabs” than I’ve assumed…?

  • That building was listed for $250k and sold for $200,000

  • I’ve heard it’s gonna be an Arby’s… they will neither confirm nor deny

  • Never saw a building permit posted there – tonight my suspicions were confirmed. DCRA has posted a big red STOP WORK order on the front door. At least when they get the permit, it might have some information on what kind of operation it’s going to be.

  • yeh, saw that this morning. The offences on the stop-work were the lack of visible permit & no street address. But I suspect they’re on top of it, since the street number was promptly spraypainted on the door. Hopefully they’ll keep it moving……

    Jeez, considering they’ve been working on it for a few weeks, interesting that the stop-work showed up as soon as this post went live. PoP has influence in this town, no? Apologies to the owners there: didn’t mean to bring the pigs down on you.

  • If it’s gonna be another “bulletproof carryout” (lol) I’ll rip down the permits myself. Actually the owner (buyer) is some commercial property flipper out of Fall Church. Shady or legit? Who knows. We’ll see.

  • Great news! FroYo store in Park View, perhaps?

  • one of the worker’s told me its gonna be an office… not a convenience store

  • As long as they keep the caged in vending machines. They are a source of amusement for me every time I drive by.

  • Can’t wait to see the new place in my new neighborhood!

  • I think it really will be an Arby’s. I heard that Charles Arby himself was recently spotted in Columbia Heights, scouting for the company’s new D.C. flagship store.

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