9th and T Street Eyesore Gets Remodeled (From Wayan)

9th and T Street Eyesore Gets Remodeled, originally uploaded by Wayan Vota.

Wayan writes:

“Not sure if you’ve seen this, but the eyesore at 9th and T is now under construction. About damn time! Its been vacant for years (I want to say a decade).”

This house has tons of potential. This is great news. I’m dying to know what it’s gonna look like. I’ll post updated photos as progress occurs.

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  • Actually it’s been vacant for over 20years… I was raised on 9th and S, and this house has been empty for as long as I can remember, actually my dad had a medical practice on 9th and U when I was a child and it was vacant then… I’m 42… so it’s been vacant for SEVERAL decades!

    Now, let’s hope they turn it into condos…

  • I live on this block now, and there are several vacants on that end – so glad to see one of them being spruced up! I think there’s also work going on in one a couple doors down.

  • Probably as good a place as any for a halfway house.

  • Vacant for decades?! Wow, that’s stunning

  • According to the developer’s website (which I’m too lazy to link or recall exact specifics), this property will be market rate condomiums.

    I walked by it this weekend — but for the facade, it looks like it’s going to be all new construction: it’s been completely gutted.

    I’m SO glad to see this property brought back to life. It’s highly visible, has significant historic value, and has great bones.

  • Thinking about this more, I am still flabbergasted. How could someone sit on a property like that for decades? And not just any property, but a beautiful shell with so much potential, right on a main street. Such a waste.

    Reminds me of the ass who is sitting on the property at 14th and U.

  • The ground floor is going to be a halfway house. Upstairs will be the market-rate condos.

  • this was once the washington conservatory of music. the place, maybe the only place in the country, where young black students could take lessons on all kinds of instruments in the earlier part of the 20th century, and i believe they lived on the premises too. not sure when it went away, maybe in the ’50s or so.

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