New (To Me) Memorials


This is Philip Jaisohn, outside the Korean Embassy (or Cultural Center) in Kalorama. I love learning about these folks. Has anyone ever heard of him before?


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  • American-educated medical doctor who sowed seeds of democracy in Korea, published its first modern newspaper (1896-98), and popularized its written language. The first Korean to earn a Western medical degree and become a U.S. citizen. He worked for Korean independence during the Japanese occupation, 1910-45. Chief Advisor to the U.S. Military Government in Korea, 1947-1948.

  • How can they be sure he was the very first Korean in America?

  • They can be sure that he was the first Korean national to become a U.S. citizen. I’m pretty sure they keep records of that kind of stuff.

  • I used to work for the Philip Jaisohn Memorial Center, a social service agency founded by admirers of Philip Jaisohn, considered one of the grandfathers of Korean democracy. I had heard that there was a statue, but this is the first time ever seeing it. Thanks for posting. Will share with my colleagues and friends.

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