New Bank Coming to 9th and N


Well, these storefronts at the corner of 9th and N, NW have been vacant for a super long time. It looks like Independence Bank will be taking most of them over. I’ll have to file this under better than vacant. But, I’m serious with this one, would you rather have a CVS in this location?

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  • there’s a cvs at 10th and l…so, no

  • This is actually going to be the headquarters for Independence Bank, so it’s not your average bank branch. I actually think this is a good, solid tenant for lower Ninth Street that will increase daytime foot traffic for the area during the week. Independence Bank will likely be a good sponsor of neighborhood organizations, like Shaw Main Streets. And Independence brings with it an atm on the sidewalk (something I can’t picture anywhere nearby).

  • There are plenty of CVSes nearby (10th & L, 7th & Florida, 10th & U), and a Giant right around the corner, so I think that wouldn’t have really been a great addition… I had this fantasy of a nice deli/sandwich shop going in there. But as shaw rez says, a bank office that will increase daytime foot traffic and thereby bring business for other area stores will be nice. And there is definitely a need for more ATMs in the area.

  • Caro — I definitely also envisioned a neat sidewalk cafe (as was pictured in the rendering for this building). But there are some awesome spots nearby that could accomodate such a business, and this bank will enhance the viability of such businesses. I’m jealous for Taylor Gourmet opening in City Vista instead of in the 1200 or 1300 block of 9th.

  • anything that brings foot traffic is great with me, considering the state of the neighborhood.

  • A CVS would be the first blemish on a 9th street that is building itself slowly but, so far, with some real character and worthwhile destinations. Like it was posted earlier, there’s one just a block away.

  • I agree with Shaw Rez — the bank will really help anchor the neighborhood. Let’s now hope that this helps spur development of surrounding properties. Shaw Rez recently highlighted one potential property for development:

  • A bank or a CVS? Those are our only choices? And where’s Monkeyrotica to suggest it be an Arby’s?

  • I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing a Walgreens in Shaw/Logan Circle.

  • I’d like to see a small organic grocer somewhere on 9th. A place to get some fresh produce, dairy and meat – maybe some sandwiches. Something like Yes! or MOMs would be excellent.

  • I live across the street on N, and I think this is great. With all of the security surrounding the convention center, a bank headquarters will bring even more to ninth. I am truly loving the development on ninth, with some small exceptions (skateboard park?), and I hope it keeps up.

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