Where Does the Sidewalk End?

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Apparently in parts of Crestwood. This is near the corner of 18th and Taylor, NW. As I mentioned during the house of the day, I managed to get lost walking around Crestwood. I could’ve sworn I was walking south but somehow ended up north. Anyway, at a certain point I noticed the strangest thing – the sidewalks vanished. I had to walk in the streets like a vagabond. This is something I might expect to see in the far out suburbs or exurbs. But in the city proper. Granted, it is a very lovely quiet neighborhood, but no sidewalks. Terrible. Anyone know why the sidewalks vanish here?


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  • When up in Crestwood and the sidewalk ends, just run on the grass – its public property after all.

  • because linda cropp doesn’t want a sidewalk on her property?

  • I ask myself this question everyday that I walk to the bus stop…even more so in the rain or at night.

  • “…like a vagabond”

    i like that.

  • The good news is that as of 2005 DDOT has adopted an official policy of adding sidewalks on all streets that currently lack them (mostly in Wards 3/4) — constructing new sidewalks (where they currently don’t exist) as part of the street rehab program. Significant progress has been made since 2005 and in addition a good chunk of DDOT’s stimulus money is dedicated for that purpose this summer — apparently the city’s goal is to eliminate “sidewalk gaps” in the city over the next few years. Interestingly some isolated neighborhoods in Upper NW have fought new sidewalks (I am looking at you Hawthorne!!) — fortunately the city has not caved to the nimby folks on this issue (thanks largely to ADA and a GREAT city planning dept.).

  • I love driving through Crestwood, which I often do travleing west out of Petworth. I go down Upshur and turn right on Mathewson right to Rock Creek Park. I’ve always heard that there is a Rockerfeller residence in Crestwood, but I’ve never been able to find it. Plus, the Russian Orthodox cathedral right on 17th is such a surprise to see.

  • they do this in fort totten, too. on my street. it’s really weird. the sidewalks run everywhere, except at the end of the streets on Buchanan & Crittenden where they meet Fort Totten drive. no idea why. there are like 30 foot stretches of no sidewalk. there are sidewalks all the way down both streets to North Capital and all along Fort Totten Drive, but not on those little parts. it’s puzzling. I hope we get some of that DDOT project attention!

  • “Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow” ~ S.S.

  • One of the things that I love about Crestwood is that the traffic is so light – and frankly so polite – that walking in the street is not a problem. I walk my dog there regularly when I want that suburban neighborhood, kids playing in the street, neighbors waving and saying hi kind of feel.

  • toby: the rockefeller residence is the large house that has an entrance off of park road (just west of mt. pleasant) as well as off of shepherd street in crestwood.

  • IMGoph, thanks and I thought that was it. It must be magnificent.

  • I will bet dollars to donuts that there will be parts of Crestwood without sidewalks long after Mayor Fenty leaves office.

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