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PoP Preview – H Street Country Club


I mentioned this spot in the H Street, NE PoPtrekker last week. Well, I was just able to attend their media preview and it is pretty damn sweet. The H Street Country Club is located at 1335 H Street, NE. It has two very distinct feels. On the first floor, pictured above, you have a more bar/restaurant type setting with a bar near the entrance and further to the back you have two pool tables, two shuffle board tables, some tvs, a jukebox, and some skee ball.

Upstairs is where it gets really interesting. Why? Because that is where you can find the indoor putt putt. Which is as insane in reality as it sounds. But it is awesome. It is a 9 hole course with names like U Street, K Street Lego Lawyers, The Awakening of Marion Barry etc. It will cost $7 dollars.


Upstairs, in addition to the putt putt course, you’ll also find another bar, another jukebox, and tables.


I didn’t have the chance to sample any food but you can see the menu here. I did however sample the guava margarita that very nearly kicked my ass. I imagine the drinks will make putt putt slightly more interesting. You can see the drink menu here.

I have to say this place really seems like it is set up to be a huge success. And that I think will probably be it’s only flaw. Given the fact that this place is so unique, I really believe it’s going to be smashed crowded. I suspect that may get a bit frustrating if you’re waiting on line for the putt putt.

Nevertheless, the uniqueness of this spot is surely something to be applauded. Now if only they had a ping pong table…

The grand opening will be Wed., May 27th. Enjoy! Lots more photos of the 6,800 square foot space after the jump.

From the U Street putt putt hole (actual hole is between the buildings):







Downstairs bar:


Some downstairs seating:


I love this game:



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