Good Deal or Not? No Porch Roof But Otherwise Wicked Nice Edition


This home is located at 2002 Klingle Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gracious wide 1920s TH, great architectural details (paneling, box beams, columns), spacious rooms, den/family room on 1st floor, 3BR 2BA + sunroom on 2nd floor, finished bsmnt w/ 3rd BA and separate entrance, walk-up attic, front porch, sunny rear deck, beautiful landscaping, 2-car parking”

More info and photos found here.

Wow, I think these pictures make the house looked super nice. I especially like all the wood trim. Does it sound like a good deal for $765,000? Not that this is any barometer but I feel like a couple years ago this would have gone for over a million…

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  • Totally agree. This is perhaps the best value I’ve seen in the DC market. Not cheap, but that’s a fantastic house in a desirable location.

  • This is a great house and I think it’s pretty close to the right price. I’m not sure that many rowhouses like this in Mt. Pleasant sold for $1 million (perhaps only the ones that are 3 full stories + basement and 6BRs or more). But I do feel like this house would have been priced at least in the $800Ks a couple years ago. I like the interior with a lot of the original features, unpainted woodwork, etc. The kitchen looks quite outdated but functional – the price reflects this. The lack of a porch is sad – wonder how much it would cost to build a new one? I’m sure it would add a lot of value to the house to do this. Overall though i think it’s a beautiful house and if I had anywhere near that kind of $$$ I’d take a serious look at it!

  • Is there parking? It’s hard to find street spaces around there. Kitchen and bathrooms are very small. And it looks very dark in there, although that could be the photography. I think it’s a bit overpriced.

  • I used to live a block away and PetworthRes is pretty spot on. These two story rowhouses sold for about $500k back in 2004 then peaked at $750k about two years ago (at least the open houses I went to). Only the three story ones on Park Road have surpassed the one million mark. For Anon 2:15, there is parking in back; a little driveway off the alley. If it’s the owners I’m thinking of, they put a great deal of love and care in the renovations and are reluctant to leave, but are, however, victims of the poor economy and over extending.

  • Several 3 story houses throughout Mt Pleasant sold in the $1-1.1 million range. almost all had complete basement apartments. My friends sold their house for a little over $1 mill and it was 9 bedrooms. 9. Not on Park Rd.

  • I think this house is nicer (was $750, but went under contract after 5 days):

  • Not saying it’s not a good deal, but one would have to be very tolerant of loud noise at all hours — Porter/Klingle is a major cross-town route, and ambulances and fire trucks scream through here at all hours, going from the station in Cleveland Park to respond to shenanigans east of the park. Last night was a loud one, with at least a half-dozen sirens between 10 and midnight. It’s one of the noisiest streets in the area.

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