Good Deal or Not? Dignity Edition


This home is located at 212 P Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Charm, Dignity, & Character best describe this Meticulous Renovation! Lrg House or 2 Sep Units -Upr Unit(3BD, 2.5BA, 2Lvls, GourmetKit w/ maple cabinetry, top-of-the line ss appls, fpl, hwd floors. Mstr Suite w/ skylights and luxurious ba w/ jetted tub, jetted shwr, bidet, dbl sinks). Lwr Unit(1BD, 1.5BA, LR/DR combo, Sep Kit w/ corian counters) Deck + CvrdPrkg”

More info and photos found here.

This is a serious renovation edition. Not a lot of original details seemed visible from the photos but I did like the exposed brick walls. The asking price has dropped from $649,000 to $599,000. Seem reasonable?

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  • The price seems a bit high for that area. The comps are way below that. It is a bit hard to compare because the square footage isn’t listed, but given the distorted results produced by the fisheye lens, I’d say this house isn’t very big and the four bedrooms must be very small.

    Aside from that, the house looks nice. The whole ‘original detail’ argument is so old. The built environment doesn’t last forever, not even when it is spectacularly maintained. The few houses that do have original details are worth a mint, but for this price, and especially for less, I think it is ridiculous to think that a buyer is going to get ornate woodwork and inlaid floors.

  • I’m generally wary of any listings that have “neighborhood” pictures featuring landmarks that are more than 8-10 blocks away. I wouldn’t exactly consider this house to be close to Gallery Place/Chinatown.

    No way this house goes for $599K at 2nd and P. More like $450-500.

  • 599k works out to a mortgage payment of about $3200 a month (figure $3600 with property taxes). You could easily rent the basement for $1000…so $2600 to own a small-ish 3BR. That seems pretty reasonable….certainly close to what someone might offer for it.

    I think the renovations look really nice, though I would like more (any!) green space in the back. If I were a young couple or family or something that a) didn’t mind being a landlord for the basement unit and b) owned a car for groceries and going out after dark, I’d probably put a bid in.

  • What kind of idiot paves over the entire front and backyards? DC is considering an impervious surface tax that would make property owner pay for the extra stormwater treatment needed to deal with properties like this. What the owners have done to this yard is bad for the environment and looks awful, too.

  • The impervious surface fee wouldn’t go up, at least initially.

    How is the amount of the charge determined? The charge is based upon an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). An ERU is defined as the amount of impervious surface area measured in square feet based on a statistical median for a single family residential property. Initially, all residential customers will be assessed one (1) ERU. All non-residential customers shall be assessed ERUs based upon the total amount of impervious surface on each lot. This total amount of impervious surface will be converted into ERUs.

  • I think it would be worth it, if only for the cachet of living in a neighborhood named after a circle that doesn’t exist.

  • The basement unit, and the finishes push into the low 500’s at best in that area. There was a shooting up around the corner at P & 3rd less than a month ago, and its a block east of 312 P, a shell that’s used by the local dealers. Add in the fact that its up against a high school, and 450-500 seems more accurate. The carport doesn’t have a door, and the basement unit has no appliances. So you would need to drop another 10k or so to finish the unit. Its been on the market like 9 months. I looked at it 6 months ago and was scared off by the neighborhood.

    You never want to have the best/most expensive house on the block, everyone else is then dragging your value down, as you pull them up.

  • Don’t even start asking the residents what they think about the name….

  • It’s also straddled between to empty units (one of which is falling apart) so you get the pleasure of heating them! There are much nicer, cheaper, and safer places a few blocks north in Bloomingdale.

  • I love that fireplace and wall. It’s beautiful.

  • @RL, 3:20pm

    I almost said the same thing, but then I noticed the discrepancy between the pictures on RedFin and the picture posted by PoP at the top of the page. It appears that the shell to the right of the house has been fully rehabbed, while the one on the left also appears to be in some phase of construction/renovation (based on the look of the windows compared to the rest of the house.

    Then again, the house on the left might in fact be a stopped-midway renovation, but at least that’s better than a house with no rear windows (as the one on the right used to be).

  • @Matt N,

    I think you are right about the one on the left, but I dont think the one on the right has been fully rehabbed, yet. At least its not listed anywhere, yet. The march of revitalization/gentrification continues! I just dont think that march has reached the 600k range in the 200 block of P NW, yet, or any time soon. (5 – 10 years?)

  • I looked at a place on 1st and P and was definitely scared away by how sketchy this hood is and how close to a school it is. I looked at it 4x (just because the house was so nice) and went there at night and was stunned at how awful that place is at night. No Go!

  • That bathroom is fug. Still, it’s a full-on house in an ok ‘hood. 600k is about right.

  • Stunned how awful the place is at night? Could have told you. And I bet whoever is interested is going to ask about walking to North Capitol Street to take the bus or walking home at 2:00 am from U Street. Buy there, but drive in and out. Quite an iffy area.

  • I live north of here in Eckington. I wouldn’t buy this place. It is directly north of the projects (Sorsum Corda). And these project people are, well lets not even get started.

  • looks like eckington will be getting its own warehouse of projects soon enough. There isn’t too much traffic up from south of NY-Ave. Buying behing a high school (regardless of hood) would be a bigger issue. Definitely a don’t walk alone at night area, but that’s most parts of this city.

  • I live in the neighborhood, about two blocks away. The price is way too high. I love living in the TC but I bought here because you could get a lot of house for not much money. No one is going to move here for the awesome boutique or bar scene, and for $599,000, I’d rather have a 2 bedroom in Dupont.

  • A 2 unit (2BR/1BR) 1500 sq ft property on a much smaller lot went for $485K one block away, so $550+ could be possible. BTW I live one block away from the house and walk at midnight or later with my dog all the time, everyone in the neighborhood speaks to each other, and looks after each other’s homes when out of town. Not sure what others think of as sketchy or hood, but come on…if you live in Petworth? I mean, really?! Come on…

  • Steve: I am really glad to see your comment. I am moving over to that area in a week or so and will be doing a lot of late night dog walking.

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