I’ve Always Felt Bad For The Horse in This Memorial

DSCN6729, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know it’s a memorial to Francis Asbury and all but did they have to capture the horse biting his knee or shooing a fly or something. I mean how ’bout some dignity for the horse too. I can just imagine the horse thinking: “Man I stood still for 4 hours for the artist, I have one moment of weakness, and that’s the pose I’m immortalized in? Horseshit!”


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  • Lemme get this straight, if the horse is biting one knee, then the horse was wounded in battle, and if the horse is biting two legs then it was, no, wait… if it’s on it’s hind legs biting the left knee then, hold on… ah screw it, he probably just didn’t want the horse’s head to block the face of the person when viewed from the ground.

    You’re right, though, it’s quite an undignified look for the horse, poor guy.

  • I kinda like it. Horses are constantly moving their heads around. Sort of like an “action” shot, capturing the horse in one of its natural poses, rather than stiff and and uncomfortably rigid. Not that a statue can be uncomfortable…

  • horseshit!!!! haha, that was what my friends and i used to say back in the day (horse manure around grown-ups and at church 🙂 )

    i think the guy should be picking his nose, or scratching an armpit… if youre going to go for a spur of the moment look, then really go for it!

  • It’s hard to tell from that angle, but maybe the horse is exhausted. Did Asbury make a long horseback trek at some time?

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