Pan Lourdes Opens Up on 14th Street


A reader sent me an email a few weeks ago alerting me to the opening but I totally forgot about it until I walked by it this weekend. It’s located on 14th Street just north of Monroe in Columbia Heights. Anyone check it out yet?

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  • Are the windows as dirty as they look?

  • They maybe some sort of plexi glass. My wife went, said its ok, very simple, cup cakes something like 50-60 cents a piece. 🙂

    I wish they or one of the two other latin bakeries coming a few blocks up on 14th will carry some decent loaf bred.. probably wishful thinking though.

  • Nice spot – clean and staff very nice. Baked goods very El Salvadorian – yummy sugar cookies. I’m on a campaign to get them to bake something (ANYTHING) chocolate. Even suggested they check out Cake Love to get a sense of what the other 1/2 of their potential clientele likes (and is will to pay way more than 60cents for). They said chocolate cupcakes were coming, but so far… nada.

  • All really ickky, cheap sweets. Nothing they seem to make themselves (I know they get at least some of the pastries from the latin bakery on 11th). Add me to those who wishes they, or anyone, would bake a fresh loaf of normal bread. But nothing like that here, alas. Nice folks, I do wish them the best, but an obvious opportunity is missed here.

  • Highlands Cafe – formerly Mocha Grounds – up 14th around Crittenden is going to be carrying Firehook products. The guy who owns it, Moe, is really great. Perhaps we can pursuade him to carry loaves of bread as well as pastries and other treats. The place is great for coffee and also has a full menu that looks good. They are going to have some grab and go options and are waiting on a liquor license.

  • Speaking of the latin bakery on 11th (thanks New2CH), does anyone know what’s up with that place? It seems like a wierd location for a bakery. I see them loading up the trucks in the morning all the time and it does smell kinda good when I walk by. Has anyone ever spoken with the proprietors? To whom do they sell their baked goods? Seems like mostly sweet rolls and such. I’m just curious more than anything else.

  • ‘mouse, I used to live near there, its a supplier for many latino shops around town. Ie, they bake lotsa stuff and deliver it all over the city (and region I’d guess).

    Re: latino bakeries, it is an acquired taste, and frustrating to us gringos that they don’t bake “normal” bread. But, then again, gringo bread is not too normal in the global sense. Have you ever given a European a piece of wonderbread? They kill you, or lecture you on bad bread, weak beer, and weak coffee and how US imperialism is destroying the world.

  • Well I am with the europeans on pretty much all those fronts … some fresh italian or french loaves somewhere in C.H. would absolutely rule. Maybe Ellwood Thompson’s will carry a good non-vegan non-sticky sweet, regular ol’ bakery selection (man that 10 month wait is gonna be a killer ..).

  • Btw, the Giant “organic” brand (forget what its called now) sour dough boule (?) is surprisingly good for a bread from the big G…

  • There is a Latin bakery I occasionally visit in Fairfax, VA that hands down makes all the DC Latin bakeries taste like cardboard. Trust me, when you’ve had all the Quesadillas (the cornbread cake), the Tres Leches cake, different empanadas, pineapple danishes, etc. As I told the woman, I know what these are because I’ve seen them in bakeries for years, but these are actually good. She made some comment about how the people who make the salvadoran baked goods for the stores aren’t bakers so they just run a factory. Oh and like Tres Leche cake was $1.50, pastries $1 each, etc.

    So, having eaten at a WONDERFUL Salvadoran bakery before, I will never buy one of those wrapped hockey pucks again.

    And yeah, they sold great rolls but not bread loaves.

  • “the people who make the salvadoran baked goods for the stores aren’t bakers so they just run a factory.”

    Heh, sounds like e.g. the contractors and construction workers that don’t know which way to hold a hammer.. 🙂

  • Not trying to incriminate anyone, but the place kinda screamed ‘front’ from my experience there…There was alot of baked goods, but nothing in the form of a menu or names of any pastries and there was one half pot of coffee (this was on New Years Day). The worker kind of arbitrarily made up the price for my cup of coffee (75 cents!). Then, I walked by on my way to work this morning and it was closed. What coffee shop isn’t open at 8?? Hmmm…I mean, friendly enough, cheap – I don’t really have any complaints – just seems a little strange…

  • Flip It on Georgia sells really yummy freshly baked bread and rolls. Their cakes are awesome too.

  • Anon 11:45: Sounds like a Latin bakery to me.

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