Time to Judge New Construction


I kind of like the brick but I think it would look a hell of a lot better if it was painted. As far as pop ups are concerned it doesn’t seem to bad. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • The photo makes it look a little stark. I’ve driven/walked past this one and I think it looks a smidgen better in person.

  • melanie: can you tell us where this is, so we can see it in person as well?

  • I am pretty this house is nextdoor to someone I know. It’s on 13th a couple blocks north of U street. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I’m not really a fan. Having the front stick out like that is kind of fugly. It’s divided into 4 units.

  • You know, I’ll take Melanie’s word for it, but from the photo, it looks like that yard on the left of the photo could seriously use some trees.

  • Like a bookshelf full of similarly sized and bound, with one sticking out much farther, with an entirely different binding. Not a bad house, but out appears of context with the row.

  • Thumbs down

  • I like it, on its own. Unfortunately, it does not blend well with this particular row of houses. Also, just wanted to mention a personal “pet” peave. Um, proper spelling and use of the word “too”. I hope you do not take offense, because I love your blog!

  • Classic case of why we should not tryo to make new contruction “fit in” or blend with the extant architecture of the neighborhood. This townhome is obviously new, and not 80-100 years old like its neighboors. If it is going to stick out like a sore thumb, at least give it style, personality, and class.

  • DCGodiva – I assume you were being ironic when you mentioned that your pet PEEVE is proper spelling. Also, on this side of the pond, the second quotation mark goes outside of the punctuation. See how annoying unrequested grammatical and spelling critiques are for other readers.

  • [email protected]:48:

    Was your last sentence a question? It’s hard to understand when you use incorrect punctuation. ;0)

  • I like grammar as I am in the process of improving my skills in the English language. Shouldn’t it be “if it WERE painted” instead of “if it WAS painted?” Just a question…


    El Puma latino

  • I like El Puma!
    And you are correct about “were”: if + imperfect, then + conditional

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