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This was apparently painted in a reader’s home. Very cool. If you have any art in your home that you would like featured please email me a photo at [email protected]

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  • That hurts my eyes.

  • HAs anyone ever seen teh mural on teh hosue kind of near Logan Circle…they have painted a slice of watermelon on the entire side of the house. Very cool PoP. You should check it out if only I could remember the address.

  • M, He posted it already.

  • Thanks…I should have known that this one would not slip by PoP

  • Anyone else reminded of the old Wonder Woman tv series when they look at this?

  • My aunt has a painting in her house that was given to her back in the day by the artist Morris Lewis of the DC Colorist school way before he was famous, and was just a friend of the family. It’s hanging in her enclosed patio, from floor to ceiling, a magnificent multicolored spotted abstract. Now that the artist is famous and his works hang in the Hirshhorn, among other galleries, it must be worth a fortune.

  • awesome…its not quite as in your face in real life as the picture may seem… there is so much business going on in the mural that it almost reads as a neutral pattern when you actually see it in relation to the rest of the room (sort of like doing a whole room in an animal print, or a toille)

    anyway, the lady drew this out by hand, painted in the blue, then painstakenly re did the lines.. kudos to the artist!

  • does anyone know who did this ? im looking to put a colorful mural on the back of my house. thanks

  • Anon,
    I did it.

    you should totally go for it and paint something on the back of your house!

  • it is really wonderful! thank you for responding and the inspiration. as soon as it cools down some i’ll get out there.

  • kalia didnt say that it was me responding to kalia 4:52 once again thanks from the ditz queen

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