Citywide Council Candidate Michael Brown Opens an Office on Georgia Ave. near LGL


Petworth/Park View represent. But to be honest I don’t really know what these city wide council members do. I believe our specific Ward representatives like Muriel Bowser (Ward 4) and Jim Graham (Ward 1) have a huge impact on our lives and thus have a lot of accountablity. But the citywide reps have always seemed a bit nebulous to me. Brown is running against incumbent Carol Schwartz. So I’m just curious how much attention have you paid to this race? Do you feel that it will impact your experience in DC at all? Do you have any interest at all in this race? Do you have an opinion about Councilmember Schwartz? (I, sadly, feel like I know nothing about her and her influence on our neighborhoods and their development.) I feel like it should be very important yet I don’t hear too much about it.

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  • saf

    I like Carol a lot. She came thisclose to beating Barry for Mayor more than once.

    And yes, at-large members do matter, but people forget about them. I make it policy to write to all the at-large members every time I write to Ms Bowser. (Yes, they’re sick of me. But they know we’re paying attention if we point it out. I think we need to point it out.)

    Carol and Kwame are pretty responsive. Mendelsohn and Catania, not so much. (IMO, Kwame is going to run for mayor sooner rather than later, so he’s got the most reason to be responsive.)

  • There is a peculiar rule that the two at-large members elected each term cannot be from the same party. I tried checking into who all the candidates are, and how this would play out – interestingly, as of 7/18, Michael Brown is not listed as a candidate. I can’t imagine him being anything but a Democrat, but maybe he’s running as an Independent?

  • Michael Brown ran for mayor and lost; then he ran for Ward 4 Councilmember and lost; now he’s running for At-Large Councilmember.

    If he truly wanted to serve the District, he would be doing something for our city other than running self-funded campaigns every two years.

    Becuase 16 years on the Council is enough, I do not plan to vote for Carol Schwartz, either; I hope that another candidate rears his or her head soon.

  • I will vote for Michael Brown because we attended the same college.

  • Was it Michael Brown who had his Ward 4 campaign office in the big green house on the corner of 7th and Quincy?

    If so, his staff couldn’t be bothered ever shovelling their sidewalk any time it snowed. I have no doubt that he would bring that same dedication to civic responsibility to the at large council seat.

  • I like Carol. She has done a good job over the years. She has had oversight for DMV and I believe many of the improvements over the years have come from her pushing. I used to watch her oversight committee meetings on DCTV and she was really intense grilling DMV management.

    Plus, I like her hair. I don’t think it has moved in the 20+ years I have lived here. It’s awesome! Now that’s a Washington monument!

  • Michael Brown is running as independent; he is late commerce secretary Ron Brown’s son. His past history of illegal campaign contributions to Sen Ted Kennedy illustrate a sloppiness that will not make him an asset on the council.
    Carol – rising from personal tragedy to rejoin the fray of DC politics (sporting a new Bea Arthur look ) – and as a jewish republican woman takes a mighty strength. She’s a delight in person the few times I’ve talked to her during her campaigns. She had a loyal following in the home-town black community.

  • Forgive my ignorance…what tragedy?

  • Her husband committed suicide during her 1st term. She decided not to run for re-election, and after some time away, came back to DC politics.
    But back to the original question. At-Large candidates are in a unique position, because anything of subtance they do in a Ward may be seen as stepping on the Ward councilmember’s shoes or as focusing on one ward to the exclusion of the other wards. I think, and have felt for awhile that other than the Chair, there’s probably no real need for At-Large members.
    But I like Carol. She’s definitely not the typical Republican, I mean pushing through the paid sick bill, and basically not backing down to the business community that was really going after her (and still is!) really was a profile in courage.

  • Brown is the son of Ron Brown. Is that the only reason to vote for him? What else has he done? If my dad were that connected, I imagine that I would be very accomplished considering the doors he would have opened for me.

  • Of course, he can’t rely on his father for support, as he died in that Commerce plane crash in eastern Europe.

  • Would you vote for someone who disregards your peace and quiet? Someone who has complete, utter contempt for your simple desire to sit in your home and not receive obnoxious phone calls?

    One one candidate has sent robot phone calls to my phone, and no doubt to many others. Only one candidate would have such disregard for his constituents.

    Only one.

    And that candidate was Michael Brown, who is running for DC city council. So, I say, do not vote for Michael Brown. Michael Brown did not call me once, or even twice. Michael Brown sent four robot phone calls my way.

    Vote against Michael Brown.

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