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This almost looks like Jerusalem stone. Pretty neat. When completed do you think it will fit in with the more traditional brick homes on the block?

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  • I’ve been wondering what was up with that house. I think it looks like it could be very nice. Fitting in (as in matching style) isn’t important to me. Having style of it’s own, and complementing what’s around it, is.

    I think the unique renovations are cool if they’re done well. As a general rule, if it would stand on it’s own, it can probably fit in. But when they look bad anyway – like the 3rd story bump-ups that clash with themselves – they will look even worse when juxtaposed to houses that fit well together.

  • dang! that porch roof thingy looks like it’s could fall down on a whisper!

    i hope that’s not part of the renovations!

  • This building has remained in this partially completed state for as long as I can remember. Anyone know why this is?

  • Hmm. I zoomed in to the very high resolution original photo, and none of those signs appear to be a Stop Work order. Probably, the owner just ran out of money (or, if doing the work himself, time). My house evolves similarly erratically. Someone’s definitely living there, I saw a regular looking dude as if returning from work go in there one day.

    If you’re reading this, regular looking dude who lives in this house, I’m not stalking you, really! Just happened to walk by one day and wondered the same thing about the house. Sorry, but when you live near the metro in a funky house, you get blogged about. 🙂

  • what are those little square spots on the exterior of the second floor? they look like outlets.

    maybe they’re just blackheads, as the building TRULY needs a bath.

  • Err.. no it does not fit the surrounding, at all.

  • yeah this porch has been like this for at least a year. I do enjoy it though — and on that particular block, there’s a pretty big variety of “different” renovations. It’s nice, I think. In the meantime, the house feels very old west, yes?

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