A Mural or Windows?

IMG_4379, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Why is there only one window on the side of this rowhouse?

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  • MURAL! I so want to paint the wall of my neighbour’s house, a wall like the one in your photograph, with a big beautiful mural.

  • window! because the developers were cheap, and hoped to build more row-houses next to this one. someone enterprising must have punched out the bricks to install their own bit of sunshine.

  • Um, there’s only one window because it was built that way?

    Our house has a single window exactly like that on the alley side, and it’s pretty obviously been there since the house was built (it wasn’t punched out, as far as I can tell. In fact, the previous owners put cabinets over the window on the inside).

    (I’ve only ever seen one mural that didn’t look cheesy, so I would leave the poor house alone.)

  • I appreciate the fact that the wall of the rowhouse is graffiti-free.

  • only one mural that didnt look cheesy? ever?
    what was it?

    i’m a painter and loves me some big walls to paint on, but in that case, i’d put in windows.

  • I am picky about murals, I guess. The one I like is one by Brian Barneclo, and it is called The Food Chain mural. It’s in SF.

    Check it out .

  • Grr, I somehow messed up that tag. Uh, anyway, the period is linked to the mural. Sorry.

  • I would rather see windows. I lived in a townhouse in Atlanta years ago and, as an end unit, I wished I had window because that side of the building faced west and I would have seen some spectacular sunsets through the pines bordering the parking lot.

    Like MrT I, too, am amazed that the wall is graphitti free.

    I also, as an artist, find most murals in DC to be pretty bland and unengaging and prone to revision by graphitti criminals. That’s not to say I don’t find G Byron Peck’s work often interesting but I would like to see more like the Victor Clothing murals in LA…

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