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“Dear PoPville,

I’m a furloughed fed and would love to volunteer but don’t know where to start. The catch being that, when I’m allowed to work, I don’t have time for a regular volunteer commitment. The organizations I have bookmarked for when I have more time all require training and a regular time commitment. Do you know of a list of organizations that take one off volunteers, or maybe organizations that could use a group of us furloughed feds for a day-long (or maybe several day-long) project(s)?”


“Dear PoPville,

I am a furloughed fed who is very frustrated with the current state of affairs and how negatively it is impacting all of DC and the mood in the District. In response, I started a charity drive on Facebook. I plan to do a series of these if the shutdown drags on. Trying to make some lemonade out of lemons. All of the proceeds go directly to the Feeding America.”

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Press Release: “D.C. is the Most Affected by the Government Shutdown

With the U.S. government closed for business for the 21st time since 1976, this time with a partial shutdown, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the States Most & Least Affected by the 2019 Government Shutdown to add some hard data to all the rhetoric.”

Thanks WalletHub.

But while we’re on the topic – one reader asks:

“Can you poll PoPville on who has been effected by the shutdown? I’m curious how many people are in stop work status and how a lot of consulting companies are handling it? My company is letting us go burn our paid time off, but after that we are on leave without pay.”

Are You Affected by Shutdown?

Yes – Federal Worker
Yes – Contractor
Yes – by lack of services
Yes – other
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Last week we learned Jose Andres was gonna be awesome during this shutdown again. The details via email:

“Offer is available from 2pm to 5pm
The offer is available only to US government employees who present a valid US government ID
The offer does not include sides or beverages
One sandwich per person per day per restaurant
The offer will last until the end of the furlough
The sandwiches offered in each restaurant will be the choice of ThinkFoodGroup restaurants”

&pizza stepping up too: (more…)

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From OPM:

“The following message applies only to October 17, 2013

Open. Employees are expected to return for work on their next regularly scheduled work day (Thursday, October 17th for most employees), absent other instructions from their employing agencies.

Due to the enactment of a continuing resolution, Federal government operations are open. Employees are expected to return for work on their next regularly scheduled work day (Thursday, October 17th for most employees), absent other instructions from their employing agencies. Agencies are strongly encouraged to use all available workplace flexibilities to ensure a smooth transition back to work for employees (e.g. telework, work schedule flexibilities, and excused absence for hardship situations).”

From the Mayor’s office:

“Mayor Vincent C. Gray today thanked congressional leaders and the President for including, in their deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the federal government, a provision securing the District’s ability to spend its own local funds throughout Fiscal Year 2014 regardless of possible future federal government shutdowns this year.”

From @wmata:

“Good morning, Federal Government! Nice to have you back aboard! @Metrorailinfo has returned to the normal mix of 8 and 6-car trains. #wmata”

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“Dear PoPville,

Are you a furloughed fed that has been getting creative with all of your spare time? Then come join fellow furloughed feds at the DC Petworth Farmers Market this Friday, October 18 from 4pm to 7pm. We’ll have a consignment-style booth where you can sell your crafts, art, and other creations. Unfortunately, you cannot sell food (sorry bakers) but you’re welcome to sell things that turn into food, like seeds you’ve saved from the season, recipes, etc.

Send an email to izzy(at)izzyhill.com to sign up and for more information. In the event that the government opens this week, we’ll still have folks staffing the booth.

See you at the market!”

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“Text as Prepared for Delivery of Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s Address to Residents on Effects of Federal Shutdown
Calls on Residents to Demand Congress Release District from Crisis
Address to District Residents on Effects of Federal Shutdown
October 10, 2013

Good evening. Tonight, once again, the 632,000 residents of the District of Columbia find ourselves trapped in a terrible and unprecedented predicament.

What’s worse and, frankly, more galling, is that this predicament is one we had no hand in making, and one from which we can be rescued only by a legislature in which we have no voting voice. That legislature is, of course, the United States Congress, which right now seems hopelessly stalemated over a number of partisan issues.

Unfortunately, the District’s own money is caught in the middle of this tug-of-war.

Yesterday, I stood with our non-voting Congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol building to demand that Congress and President Obama take action to free the District’s local budget from this manufactured crisis and let us spend our own locally-raised funds to provide critical services.

Services – like reimbursing Medicaid providers who care for people who are poor and disabled, or paying our public charter schools, or collecting our garbage – services that the residents of every other city and state in America take for granted, because they are services that will continue for every other city and state in our country during a federal shutdown.

Tonight, I want to talk to you about why we are in this crisis, what I have done to mitigate the harm it has caused, what the current status of the shutdown’s impact on the District of Columbia is, and what our 632,000 residents can do to help. (more…)

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pain sculpture

Thanks to a reader for sending from WAMU:

“While this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Congressional gridlock may lead to vital funding cuts for the only shelter in the city that helps families right after domestic violence is reported.

Otero says D.C. Safe needs to raise $19,000 this week to keep its doors open. You can make a donation on their website at DCSafe.org.”


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