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1843 14th Street, NW

Yesterday the band Guster asked: “Three days in DC. Please to send all weird and wonderful food/coffee/exhibits/record stores/walks/architecture/etc recs this way.

I know there’s layers here, gotta peel the onion…”

I suggested Som Records, obviously, and speaking of onions, the French Onion Soup at Chez Billy Sud is so good. Anyway tons more recs were given. And it’s another reminder of what an amazing place we are lucky to call home. And the people, the people replied to Guster with gusto: Read More


Photo by Phil

“Dear PoPville,

I am a new DC resident interested in signing up for a marathon. I’ve heard from a colleague that the Rock n’ Roll marathon is a fun course, but it looks like it is only a half marathon now – not a full course (am I wrong about that)? I also heard the Marine Corps marathon is great, but I just missed it, and am hoping to run a race sooner than next October.

Does anyone have any race suggestions? I’d love to run a course that is more scenic, if possible.”


1604 7th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

We just had dinner Hanumanh, which I am pretty sure is the most underrated place in DC. It might be because they are only open three nights a week. It might be because they were closed during COVID. Or it might be because the menu posted online has only four dishes, (but in reality there were a ton of choices). Everything we got was AMAZING.

Check out the actual menu (below). Get the tapioca dumplings!” Read More


So’s Your Mom, home to the legendary Bronx Pastrami

Trenton asks: “What’s the best sandwich in DC when considering quality, price, and convenience? My vote is 100% Prego Again. What do you think PoPville?”

Aside from the Crunchy Boi, chicken sandwiches, Reubens, turkey clubs, breakfast sandwiches, and sandwiches available for sit down at a restaurant, many more thoughts were had: Read More


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