“Since Saturday, I have contacted Uber 4x via email and not received a single reply”

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve heard rumors that this has begun happening to others as well.

On Saturday, 11/13 I was out at lunch with a few friends in Adams Morgan. Around 3pm I called an Uber, as I’ve done dozens of times in DC and across the country. I was going to another friend’s surprise birthday party and running very late. Uber promptly connected me to a driver that was 3 minutes away and I thought ‘great that’s convenient maybe I’ll make this party on time!’ After waiting a few minutes, I checked my Uber app and I saw that I had a message from the driver requesting my phone number. I gave it to him, not thinking that it was odd the driver was not calling me through the app as usual.

The driver then asked for a verification code Uber texted me, claiming that he needed to verify my Uber account and phone number. I gave it to him and asked if that had worked. He said no it wasn’t going through but we could try via email and he asked for my email which I gave. I admit, at this point my suspicions should have been roused however I’ve always had amazing experiences with Uber drivers. Just a few days before one kind driver was showing me the ins and outs of using a new feature that directly alerts 911 to your location if you feel unsafe in an Uber. I received a second code via email, which he asked for again to verify my account. At this point, I’m running very late for the party and I share the code with him. Within 30 seconds, I get an email notifying me that my password was changed and I begin to panic.

I frantically try to log in and use the ‘forgot password’ feature but in that short time, my account had been set up with 2 factor authentication using a third party security app that I don’t have access to. At this point I’m frantically looking for an Uber phone number to contact, however after searching for nearly 30 minutes the ONLY phone number listed is for emergency situations (i.e. driver is aggressive, you feel unsafe, need police assistance immediately) which I really didn’t want to use as I was worried I would be using a line that others in legitimate physical danger might need more than me. Additionally, I found that the only way to directly speak with Uber is through the app when you’re logged in, which I could not (and still cannot) do. I eventually stumble across an Uber help page to submit a claim if you think your account has been hacked and you cannot access it. I described my situation and sat back awaiting a reply, as in the past Uber has been fairly quick to respond (usually within 24 hours).

Only at this point do I begin to worry about the credit cards that are linked to the app, and quickly login to my bank to turn off the card. I get on the phone with a banking agent who begins to read off my last few charges, which was for several Uber rides I had NOT taken today and Uber Eats gift cards which I had NOT purchased. I eventually submit a fraud charge and am being issued a new credit card. I then realize that my best friend and former roommate’s credit card was on the app as well. For context, he just accepted a job in the UK in London and had landed THAT DAY. I call him up and urge him to turn off his credit card, and upon checking he also had several fraudulent charges. He now has limited access to funds in this new city, but luckily he has made it work and is getting by.

Since Saturday, I have contacted Uber 4x via email and not received a single reply. I’ve messaged them on Instagram as well and no reply. I cannot describe how frustrating this is, as I feel like I am being completely ignored by the company and they are attempting to protect their CRIMINAL employee. NEVER GIVE AN UBER DRIVER YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS & UBER IS TRYING TO IGNORE THEIR CRIMINAL EMPLOYEE AND MY SITUATION!”

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