“This is all so that commuters don’t have to deal with roadwork during the day. Seriously?”

“Dear PoPville,

I live at 16th and Columbia Road NW. We and our neighbors have been dealing with noise on and off from the roadwork for the 16th Street bus project — while working from home — since February or March. Now, we found out last night that the contractors are going to be doing resurfacing work at our intersection overnight, potentially every night this week.

This work is loud, with constant starting and stopping of machinery that shakes the room. I managed to get to sleep while blasting white noise through my earbuds and wearing noise-canceling headphones. But that only worked for a couple of hours, and then I was awake until well after they finally quit work after 3 am.

This is all so that commuters don’t have to deal with roadwork during the day. Seriously?

Those of us who live here and pay taxes here are looking at potentially 3-4 straight nights of losing hours of sleep so that someone from Maryland doesn’t have to find an alternate route to their office?

I’m not the only one losing sleep to this. There are several multistory apartment buildings right along 16th here. How do we get them to stop? Do we have to go out and protest, maybe form a human barricade?

It’s bad enough being kept awake by your neighbors. Being kept up half the night because your government doesn’t care about you is infuriating.”

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