Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to alert you to the fact that buried in the Mayor’s last Covid update about weddings is a line that states, “Standing and dancing receptions are not allowed.” (Paragraph 4 on page 9.) This is brand new, and means that starting May 1, there can be no dancing (or standing?!) at wedding receptions in DC.

M.O. 2021-060 Modified Measures in Phase Two of Washington DC Reopening

There was no warning that this restriction was coming, and as everything is opening up more and more, it took everyone completely by surprise. As a bride who postponed her DC wedding from last summer to this summer in order to keep our guests and community safe, it’s extremely disappointing that an entirely vaccainted group of individuals cannot gather for a wedding reception and dance, masked and socially distant. It is also confusing why dancing was allowed before but, as cases have gone down and more and more residents are being vaccinated, the city has now decided to ban dancing.

This is the last thing that the DC event industry needs after it has struggled to stay afloat this last year. Not to mention the money that DC stands to lose from wedding guests who would be coming to DC and spending money in hotels, at restaurants, etc., as more and more couples move their DC weddings.

Let us dance socially-distanced and masked, but please let us dance! (There’s a Footloose joke somewhere in all of this, I know.)


A frustrated pandemic bride”

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