Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

We have been dealing with DCRA since fall 2019 to resolve an issue with a developer who has enclosed his parking pad which is the corner of the alley, forcing us and all our neighbors to now encroached onto the property on the other side of the alley.

DCRA has been useless and unresponsive and they are bow saying that they are not aware of our issue. We have been exchanging emails with several offices at DCRA and they have responded to us.

We know the developer has been excluding us from direct communications with DCRA, telling them what to do and how to deal with this matter ( developer accidentally cc’ed one of our neighbors on a communication).
Now the developer is selling the condos and will pass on the issue to the new owners.

We are concerned that DCRA is not responsive. To be honest it makes us feel like they are in bed with the developer.

We are considering engaging some legal actions.

Any insights, issues /complaints you have been receiving about DCRA? Anything that can be done to bring some public attention to this issue?

Appreciate any help.”


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