Washington, DC

Photo by Mark Andre

“Dear PoPville,

I used to get my hair cut by Lareesa at the Hair Cuttery in Dupont Circle, which closed a few months ago when all salons were closed. Since then other Hair Cuttery salons have reopened but I don’t know where the stylists who used to work at the Dupont Circle location ended up. Maybe some of your readers have heard something? There were a lot of great stylists there who had regulars and I sure would love to know where Lareesa ended up!”


“I have been a long-time customer of the Brooks Brothers in Dupont Circle, and I was dismayed when I saw that location was permanently closing. Not only did I love their merchandise, but their tailor was excellent.

I’d still like to give that tailor my business (including tailoring a few Brooks Brothers suits I recently bought at a steep discount), and I wonder if he is running his own tailoring business since that location has been closed since March. Could you put out to your readership if anyone knows if he has his own business and if so where it is?”


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